5 Tips for Surviving the First Week of College

While leaving home and going to a new place can be a bit nerve wracking, it’s important for incoming college freshmen to embrace the transition. College is a time to meet new people, enjoy new experiences and learn and grow as a person. This all starts from the moment you first walk into your dorm room.

Orientation Time

Most colleges have their freshmen come to campus a few days earlier than the rest of school, giving the new students some extra time to acclimate themselves to their new surroundings. Orientation weekends are usually full of a lot of ice breakers and name games, giving students a chance to mingle. This time will go fast, but it’s your first real step into college and the next four years of life. It’s important to take it all in!

Break out of the Box

Getting out of your comfort zone is key when first at college. You may have a significant other at home or you may miss your friends and family, but think of college as your new home for the next four years of your life. That’s the way to take the most advantage of this time. Start talking to the other kids in the hall. Most likely, they’ll be wanting to meet new people too! Colleges require freshmen to live in dorms just for that reason. You can still maintain good relationships with everyone back home, but it’s not the best time to be on Skype and Facebook catching up with news from home every night.

Get Involved

Putting yourself out there is a big thing when you first get to college. If you’re not an athletic team, be sure to get your name out there. Join a club, join multiple clubs, sign up for intermurals, or take part in Greek life. The busier you are, the more fun you’ll have, and it will be an easier transition. If you find a group of friends who share the same interests as you, you guys can even start a club or an intermural team.

Balance your Schedule

As much fun as joining clubs, meeting new people and rushing for a fraternity or sorority is, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re at college for. You’re paying a lot of money to earn a great education and there are always a handful of freshmen who party too much and end up dropping out after the first year or even the first semester. You just have to be able to balance your time well. If you work hard, you can play hard. There’s a lot of free time between classes in college because it’s not like high school where you go to school from 8-4. Staying busy will help you manage your time well just as long as you stay focused on the important tasks and push yourself to finish your work before relaxing or hanging out with friends.

Start New

College is the right time to start a new you. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things is what college is for. Invent the new you and prove to your friends and family back home that you’re on the way towards a bright future. As a nearly graduated senior, it’s fun to look back and reminisce about all of the transformations I’ve gone through, all of the close relationships I’ve made with new friends and professors, and all of the life experiences I gained by attending college. Truly, Look forward to some of the best years of your life!

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Jack Cullen

Jack Cullen

Jack Cullen is a senior at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and is pursuing a degree in multimedia journalism and mass communication. Outside of the classroom, Jack writes for his college’s newspaper as well as a local daily newspaper. Jack is also the captain of the men’s varsity tennis team at Augustana. When he’s not on the court or searching for his next story to cover, Jack loves traveling and taking adventures with his friends and family.