5 Tips On Preparing For Finals NOW

Finals are months away. Why should I worry about it now?

Reflect on your past finals experience(s): Weren’t you freaking out constantly?

If you have your mind on finals from the start of the semester, you can prevent that.

  • 1. Start that study guide now. Take notes in class. Take notes when you’re doing your homework. Highlight the notes that your teacher seems to put the most emphasis on and those that you think are most likely to appear on tests.
  • 2. Do your homework — on-time, or early. If you read my other article this week, I outlined my homework strategy: I do all (or as much as possible) of my homework on Sundays, which leads to stress-free Mondays through Thursdays. You have your syllabi; you know what to do.
  • 3. Establish relationships in your class. If you don’t already know someone in your class, meet a few people so that you have people you can go to when you need help or want someone with whom you can study. Equally important is your relationship with your teacher so introduce yourself, greet them in the mornings, send them articles you find interesting and pertain to the class, etc.
  • 4. Read your textbook. This tip relates to, but is not the same as, “do your homework” because many people ignore their teacher’s reading instructions because they think they’ll learn everything that they need to know by going to class. By reading the book, you know what the teacher is going to talk about before they even talk about it. So while the teacher is expanding on the ideas in the book, you are right there with her, while everyone else in class is still trying to catch up to the original idea.
  • 5. Go to class. I saved the most obvious — but most important — tip for last. When I stopped skipping class, I realized how much information about the tests and exams that teachers let slip out during class. Also, if teachers recognize you as a student that’s always in class, they will happily help you with any troubles you are having in the class.

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