5 Types of People You Might Meet During College

From jocks to nerds, from Christians to Atheists, from young to old: these are many of the people that you will encounter during college.

The best move to make is not to judge when you first meet someone. In this blog, I will introduce you to the many different people that I have met during my time in college. I want to prepare high school students to the diverse world that is called college.

I will limit the blog to different races and religions. I feel races and religions are not always fully taught in schools and when approached by someone who is of that race or religions, we are left to make assumptions about them.

  • The first group that I found most interesting is the members of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons.

Mormons have an intricate perspective on God. Mormons believe that God was once a mortal man who went through live living by obedience to the laws and the gospel. When he died, he was resurrected and became a god.

The reason I find them interesting is that they are in most campuses, taking time out of their lives to spread their faith. I have been stopped by a group of them several times. They do want to spread their message, however, from my encounter with them, they will also listen to your point of view on things. It is great if you want to learn about a different religion.

  • The second group that I have encountered are Atheists.

Atheists are people who deny the existence of god(s). From what I have experienced, Atheists have a bad reputation. They are considered to be immoral and have no values. I have not seen any that were like that.

From what I have seen, they volunteer all the time and are similar in morals and values to anyone with a religion. I have many friends who are Atheists right now and they have been nothing but good to me.

  • The last religious group I want to mention are Muslims.

Muslims believe that there is only one god and that he had his prophet Mohammed spread the message of Islam. Muslims follow the five basic rules of Islam: prayer, donations (zakat), going to Mecca once in their life (Hajj), fasting, and declaration of faith. When someone does the following, they are guaranteed paradise. After 9/11, many Muslims got a bad name, however, a whole group should not be judged based on one person.

  • The fourth group I was exposed to are Indians.

This is not just American Indians, but Indians directly from India. The most interesting about them is the culture they come from. I learned to get to know how different their culture is from the American culture. They introduced me to their traditions, foods, dances, and a whole new world. The people I met made me really want to go visit India because it is such an interesting culture.

  • The last group I have encountered are Dominicans from the Dominican Republic (DR).

The university I go to has a big Dominican population. The reason is that my university had contract with schools in the Dominican Republic. Students from the DR are given full ride scholarships to attend my school. This is a great way to bring different cultures into an American university.

I never really know there was a DR until I met my first co-worker who was from the DR. My Dominican friends introduced me to everything Hispanic, from Salsa dancing to learning how to speak Spanish. This has been the most surprising culture because I never knew of it until I entered college.

You will meet more people in college than I have mentioned. There will be people who will break all stereotypes that you had coming into college. There will be those who will literally change your life.

You will experience things in life that you never thought you would because that’s what college is. You get an education that will benefit you for the rest of your life and friendships that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Just like I said before, it is best to go into college with no assumptions about anyone and with an open mind.

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Hanan is a senior at Western Michigan University majoring in communication studies and minoring in advertising and promotion. On a normal day, Hanan can be found working as an assistant manager at her school's student recreation center, hanging out with friends, writing, or sleeping (which is her favorite activity). When she has free time during the weekends, she loves to stay in and watch Adventure Time (her favorite TV show).