5 Ways College Freshmen Can Enjoy Being Home For The Holidays

The holidays, though relaxing and nostalgic, are often a lot more stressful than advertised.

Your parents have to deal with your sudden presence everyday again for a month and your new independence is hindered by their rules.

So, when you’re on the brink of reigniting family feuds, consider these reminders about your temporary winter situation.

  • “Wait, you turned my room into what?!”

That was my reaction 3 years ago when I came back from break to find my Mom had turned my bedroom into her personal sewing room. I sleep in our basement now, but the point is your parent’s, or new “RAs”, aren’t used to you being home.

You’re only home temporarily so do your best to adjust to any changes in the home. You’ll be a lot more grateful for that couch a couple years from now.

  • It’s Time to Party

Not quite. Your parent’s still have work, errands, and business to attend to even if you think you’re on a month long spring break. Don’t wake them up at 2 am because you’re cooking food in your underwear.

Plus, as lenient and flexible as the experimental atmosphere is at college, your parents have their own rules. Respect them – especially if they weren’t comfortable with some of your free time choices prior to your departure.

  • Help Out!

The farther you get in college, the more you’ll realize your parents can be your best allies. The key to keeping this relationship healthy, enjoyable, and beneficial is their happiness, not yours.

Sure, they’ll love you the same if you wake up at noon everyday; however, how pleased will they be if they woke up and the kitchen was cleaned? Maybe pleased enough to make you lunch, give you a couple dollars, and overlook the slightly lower than expected GPA you received.

  • Sibling Symmetry

I am the oldest and have a younger brother and sister who are 2 and 4 years younger than me respectively. So when I get home, it’s always interesting for us to see what’s new with one another. Unfortunately, my sister screaming her lungs out spontaneously or my brother taking forever in the shower still annoys me like it once did.

Before you adopt back old sibling rivalries, consider that you’re all getting older and will only be seeing each other less and less. Enjoy they’re annoying habits while you can and save the temper for your roommates at school.

  • Missing You

Your parent’s can yell and get under your skin all they want, but if tempers start flaring – specifically near the end of break – do your best to cooperate with them because chances are they’re a little heartbroken. They’ve gotten used to you being home all over again and now you’re up and leaving all over again.

Your parents love you and as you eventually come home more sporadically over the next couple years, they’ll only miss you more. Try and spend time with them and be thankful you can all be together over the holidays.

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Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in English. When he’s not exercising, eating, reading, writing short stories, or scouring the web, Lawrence is contributing to other blogs. An avid Harry Potter fan, self-proclaimed StumbleUpon and YouTube addict, and underrated when it comes to taking naps, Lawrence is looking forward to studying abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece over the Spring Semester of 2012.