5 Ways College Freshmen Can Get Involved On Campus

Joining a campus organization is a great way to meet new people, improve leadership skills, and learn how to effectively manage your time.

Check out these 5 ways you can get involved on campus right away!

  • Intramural/Club Sports

While not everyone has the chance to play for a university sports team, many schools offer a wide array of intramural and club sports.

Intramural sports are usually played between university students and don’t require students to carry a certain skill level. Many universities also allow students to form their own intramural teams and participate in leagues.

Unlike intramural sports, club sports tend to be a little more competitive, and skill based. The majority of club sports offer students the chance to play against other universities but may require you to try out.

Depending on your skill level and whether you are looking to compete or have fun will help you determine which group is the best choice for you.

  • Greek Life

Greek life is an excellent way to create a close bond with a group of people similar to yourself, and help out in your community.

Sororities and fraternities can be found on the majority of large universities around the U.S. These organizations allow you to participate in various activities, share a fine set of beliefs and traditions, as well as support a philanthropy chosen by your chapter.

Many schools also offer honors fraternities, which are based off of a student’s GPA, and academic interest.

To get involved in a sorority or fraternity, visit your university’s Greek life department for recruitment information.

  • Student Organizations

If there is something you enjoy doing, chances are there is an organization for it. Student organizations fit the majority of student’s interests from multicultural groups, career based associations, and clubs for hobbies.

Student organizations are excellent for putting your hobbies to use, meeting students with similar interests, and even getting involved in your area of study beyond the classroom.

  • Volunteer

If you enjoy helping others, volunteering is a great choice for you. Many universities offer programs such as alternative winter and spring breaks, after-school partnership programs, and small community service projects.

Volunteering is also a great way to get involved in your area of study. Lunch buddies and Big Brothers/ Big Sisters are excellent volunteer choices for students interested in working with children in the future.

The majority of universities have their own volunteer services department where you can discuss opportunities that best suit your interest.

  • Residence Hall Associations/Student Government

Do you enjoy voicing your opinion and helping make a difference? Residence hall associations and student body governments are a great way to get involved in making a difference on your campus.

Residence hall as well as student government associations are typically responsible for voicing the concerns and opinions of the entire student body.

Joining one of these associations will allow you to show your interest in leadership as well as your ability to serve the needs of others.

From athletics to volunteering to academics, there is a group for everyone in college!

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