5 Ways to Find College Admissions Assistance

Finding college admissions assistance can be difficult for college-bound high school students.

With college applications, college entrance essays, and standardized exams, there’s just so much information that students need to know in order to successfully get into college.

However, don’t stress out about applying to college just yet! We have 5 exceptional places for you to find college admissions assistance right here! Check it out…

5 Places To Find College Admissions Assistance

1. Your High School Counselor and Teachers

Now you may think this is too good to be true, but your counselors and teachers are some of the top people working in college admissions assistance.

They understand how your high school is structured and they have the knowledge and experience to get you to where you want to go. This is the easiest way to get the college admissions assistance that you need.

When I was working on my college apps, I talked to my senior year English teacher for college admissions assistance at least once a week.  She helped me write the perfect college entrance essay and ultimately sparked my passion for writing.

I also met with my high school’s college counselor about the certain colleges I was interested in and she helped me find a ballpark collection of schools that would accept me based on my academic credentials.

Finding college admissions assistance can be just as simple as staying 10 minutes after school to meet with these familiar faces.

2. CollegeBoard.com

If you have questions regarding SAT prep, you might want to check out College Board for college admissions assistance. This non-profit organization represents over 5,900 colleges, universities and schools.

Would you like a personalized study plan for the SAT? Or how about the ability to get familiar with the style and questions of this standardized test? You can find all of these answers and more at College Board; they offer FREE college admissions assistance.

This site also generates the perfect plan for SAT preparation.  In addition, by practicing the College Board’s official SAT questions and testing your skills with the “Question of the Day,” you won’t be surprised in the least bit when you actually take the test.

The College Board works diligently to help any student seeking college admissions assistance and gives every student the opportunity to access high quality college prep information.

3. ACTStudent.org

With times changing, most colleges don’t require students to send in both SAT and ACT scores. Instead, the choice of standardized test has predominantly been left to the student’s preference.

If you chose to take the ACT test, you might want to check out ACTStudent.org for their valuable tips about conquering the ACT. You can find lots of college admissions assistance and ACT resources on this site.

Not only does this site offer useful information about the ACT (dates, fees, testing centers and high school codes for college applications), ACTStudent.org presents an effective ACT online prep course, an ACT question of the day, practice test questions and testing tips in all sections of the ACT. These are all great college admissions assistance tools!

You want to make sure you’re well prepared for the ACT (or SAT) since it is the initial step in the college planning process. If you score well, you only heighten your chances of getting into your preferred college of choice!

4. Your Parents

Similar to counselors and teachers, parents play a vital role in the college admissions process and can also provide you with valuable college admissions assistance.

Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the ideology of being independent from your parents and making decisions on your own, but you may be surprised with how much your parents know!

Don’t forget the old saying “with age comes wisdom.”

Your parents really do want to see you succeed by giving you the best college admissions assistance.  Most of them have been in your shoes and know how the process works. They may even have alumni status at one of the schools you are interested in. Here are some different ways that your parents can provide college admissions assistance:

  • Ask them questions about majors and minors.
  • Read your essays aloud to them while you are working on revisions.
  • Practice common college interview questions with them.

Finding the right college admissions assistance can be an easy and fun way to bond with your parents! Try it!

5. Princeton Review

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last!

The Princeton Review is not a specific counselor you can talk to right away (even though they do offer services), but this college admissions assistance site can help you with just about anything you need to know about college life.

It gives top advice on college, graduate, business, law and medical schools. The rankings for schools and majors are not only extremely good to review, but it’s also fun to see where your potential school stands.

The Princeton Review offers a variety of templates and provides good advice on all college admissions, financial aid and college application topics. Again, another great site where you can find useful college admissions assistance.

Be sure to check out The Princeton Review, in addition to all of the other recommended college admissions assistance sites!

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