5 Ways to Prepare For the Homesick Blues

For many students, college is the farthest away from home they have ever been. It is also the most time they have spent away from their family and friends.

Because of this, the first year of college can be riddled with homesick emotions. Many students wish they were home or surrounded by the familiar faces of their families and friends. It can be hard to overcome the sadness that accompanies being homesick.

While many may find it useful to treat homesickness when it begins, I believe that it can also be beneficial to enter college with the necessary tools to cope with homesickness and ultimately conquer it. These remedies for homesickness are easy to acquire and at your fingertips to use.

Make a Video

Use the camera on your cell phone or your laptop to record a video of your family and friends. Ask them to say a few encouraging words for you. When you’re feeling homesick in college, you can play the video and listen to the uplifting words from the people you love most and hold dear. This will help you feel closer to them regardless of the distance. Their words will also help you to keep moving forward.

Take a Piece of Home

We all have those certain objects or scents that remind us of home. For me, it was a small heart shaped picture frame that contained a picture of my family. For my freshmen year roommate, it was the air fresher frequently used in her home. Whatever it may be for you, taking something with you to college that reminds you of home is a great way to temper homesickness. Whenever you miss home, you can look at the object and hold it close so you will feel a little closer.


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This is definitely true when you are in college and you miss your friends and family more than anything. It can get to the point where all you want is to see your mother’s smiling face or your father’s goofy grin. Take lots of pictures on your cell phone to look back on during the homesick days and nights. Also, take pictures on a digital camera and have the photos developed. That way, you can use all the pictures and make them into a collage of your home, tape them around your room or place them in cute little picture frames. You can knock out decoration and homesick remedies in one shot!

Home Movies

Movies are a great way to be reminded of home. My best friend and I loved to watch Finding Nemo together. So whenever I found myself missing my best friend, I’d play Finding Nemo and feel better. Think of the movies you watched with those you love and take them to college with you. When the homesick feelings start to bubble up, pop in the movies that remind you of home and let them play. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel.


Before packing up and heading off to college, load your iPod, laptops and cell phones with some music that reminds you of home and the people you love. You can even create a playlist specifically filled with songs that are reminiscent of home. And on those days when the homesickness hits and you need something to take you nearer to home, you can simply press play and allow the music to ease your sadness.

These are just a few ways to prepare for the homesick blues. While homesickness does not affect everyone in the same way, these methods are still a great way to get ready for those homesick feelings when they arise (if the arise). So when you are packing up for college, take these ideas into consideration. Being away from home, family and friends can be difficult and disheartening, but you can make it through. Don’t let homesickness get you down scholars!

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