6 Secrets to a Less Stressful Finals Week

Chapters upon chapters, study guide after study guide, and notes that go on for days.

Lets face it, if there is one thing that high school and college students share a common dislike for, it is final exam week.

The truth is, final exams really don’t have to be that stress inducing! It just takes the right mind-set and a little bit of organization.

As a high school student, start following these few pointers now to help prepare you for future final exams.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Try to create a study guide for each of the exams you take throughout the semester.

While you’re getting ready for any cumulative exams you may have, it’s essential to compile all of your old study guides. If you take notes and create study guides throughout the semester, this process will go by much quicker and help ease your workload stress.

Plan Ahead

Create of schedule of the classes you plan on studying for each day.

Try to do this a week or two prior to your exams. Don’t overload your day by studying for more than two exams. Studying multiple subjects may cause you to become overwhelmed, which will disable you from retaining information.

Sleeping Habits

Make sure you are getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

Sleeping in too late and staying up late can throw off your focus during the day. Start your new schedule by waking up early and avoiding naps for the first few days. This will force your body into wanting to go to bed earlier. Waking up early will also allow you to accomplish other tasks that you may have along with your studying.

Find a Good Place to Study

Try to find a quiet room, café, or library where you can study.

The most important factor in choosing your study environment is finding a place that is void of distractions. Try studying in several different locations during the semester, and stick to the one you are most productive in.

Take A Breather

Studying for too long can cause you to lose focus.

Try to take a ten-minute break for every hour that you study. Grab a snack or go for a walk, anything that will take your attention away from the books or computer for a bit. If you’re feeling tired, take a 20-minute nap. Napping can be a good way to recharge your energy level and your brain.  Just make sure you don’t nap too long.

Think Positive

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, just think positive.

Chances are, you have a nice long break from classes waiting for you at the end of finals week. Try to think of this break as the light at the end of the tunnel, or your reward for all of your hard work. Any sort of motivation will also help to lower your stress levels. 3GVR8D25NMWB

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