6 Smartphone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Fact: Smartphones are taking over the world. If you don’t own one yet, hop on board because this technology fad isn’t fading anytime soon.  Here are 6 free apps that will make your everyday life a little easier:

1.     AroundMe   AroundMe is an app designed to locate restaurants, gas stations, hotels, theatres and more.  Once you’ve selected the category that best fits your search, the app will scan the surrounding area, and list the fitting places in order of nearest to furthest distance away from your current location.  If you’ve found where you want to go, with the press of one button, the app will give you directions from your current location to your destination.  How simple is that?  Sometimes, technology is a wonderful thing.

2.     Mint.com  Unfortunately we’re all getting older, and with age comes financial responsibility.  Luckily, with all the modern technological advancements, we can check accounts and pay bills from our phones.  The Mint.com app helps you organize your money, allocate specific amounts for big purchases and can even send you reminders when bills are due.  Even if you choose not to pay bills online, this app will allow you the convenience of being able to check your bank balance at all times.  It’s a pretty handy tool and one you may come to rely on.

3.     MyFitnessPal  In college, our crazy schedules can start to dominate our lives, making it impossible to follow a routine or even plan our day.  If health and fitness are important to you, MyFitnessPal should be your new go-to app!  Describing it as a ‘diet and exercise tracker’ sounds scary, but it simply gives you a place to record food intake and exercise, and calculates your daily nutrient levels.  It tells you the amount of macro and micronutrients you’ve consumed and the remainder you need to fulfill.  Maintaining physical and mental health is vital to academic success.  So, if a healthful diet and lifestyle isn’t something you currently attend to, think again.  This app could just be your new best friend.

4.     Shazam   Ever been somewhere and heard a great song playing?  It just makes you want to move and you’re dying to know what it’s called.  If the app ‘Shazam’ isn’t already downloaded to your phone, it needs to be.  Shazam is an app founded in 1999 that serves to indentify songs using only a few short seconds of playtime.  It has become wildly popular in the last few years and a music lovers favorite.  It is sure to be one of the most frequently opened apps on your phone.

5.     Twitter   Not only is this app an oyster for social expression, it allows you the opportunity to follow public authorities, national crisis, and international conflicts, express personal opinions on each of the aforementioned, and sometimes, the chance to communicate with public figures.  Twitter is extremely universal and malleable.  Today, some professors are even incorporating it into class work as its format makes it a simple way to communicate.

6.     Yelp  What’s not to love about Yelp!?  Yelp is an app created to help people locate and distinguish the quality of small businesses with categories ranging from nightlife to home services.  It is sure to provide you with information that will assist you in choosing what’s best for you.  Not only does it provide you with links to aid your search, it shows comments posted by others regarding similar searches.

Want to get involved?  It’s actually encouraged.  After visiting a place featured on Yelp, leave a comment detailing your experience.  It will help to guide future visitors and is much appreciated. Although life is completely doable without all of today’s technical accessories, they sure do make daily tasks and little more time friendly and convenient.  It’s clear that technology will continue to advance, and the prevalence of smartphones and their abundant apps will only continue to grow.

More importantly, many jobs are requesting (or even requiring) proficiency with certain basic technologies.  If you’re not already up to 2013 tech speed, it’s time familiarize yourself with basic apps and programs to learn their utilities and functions.

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Heidi Meier

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