6 Stress Relievers Guaranteed To Help You Survive College Woes

Whether it’s an upcoming test or just a busy schedule that’s stressing you out, check out these tips to get to a calmer, happy life.

  • Take a walk: One of the best things you can do when you’re so stressed you can barely focus is take a quick 10-15 minute walk. If you are studying for a test or working on a project and don’t think you can spare a few minutes for a break, think again. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed and ready to work you’ll feel after getting away from your desk and pencil for a short period of time. Plus, if you simply look around as you take a stroll outdoors, you may get some new creative inspiration for your school projects!
  • Don’t isolate yourself: When a test is fast approaching, some people think the best solution is to lock themselves in their room or library and study, study study. But what can really help you get through hectic times is to kick back and relax with a few of your friends or family. Whether it’s a short phone call or a lunch date, spending time with the people you love will help you re-focus and realize what’s really important. Then you’ll be re-energized and ready to hit the books.
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep really does a body good, especially in times of hard stress. It’s tempting to stay up until 3am because you want to really know the material for your exam tomorrow, but that is doing you more harm than good. You will retain more information and rock your test if your body is well rested (and that doesn’t count caffeine!). So do yourself a favor and get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before a test, and for that matter any time you feel stressed out. Remember that a 30-45 minute nap can really help too. Again, taking these short breaks will prepare you to deal with any tension you feel!
  • Practice deep breathing: Deep breathing is the oldest trick in the book for dealing with stress, but it’s because it really does work. This is especially helpful minutes before a midterm, where you just need a quick fix before a high-pressure situation.  There are multiple techniques for breathing, but find one that speaks to your own personal needs and gets you out of your head for a few seconds and calms you down. It’s like a personal meditation session without the complicated yoga poses, and you can do it wherever and whenever!
  • Laugh: Whenever you’re in a bad mood, what seems to be one thing that always turns your frown upside-down? Laughing! Whether it’s at a funny TV show, a joke that your friend told, or watching hilarious Youtube videos, doing something that elicits a laugh from you will do wonders for your stress. It will help you forget why you’re so stressed, take a break and make you feel happy all in one! Don’t hold back from having a laugh if you feel like it. Try studying with a friend to allow the smiles to keep coming, even when you’re doing hard math problems.
  • Listen to or play music: One thing that seems to work for everyone in stressful times to listening to music, or playing an instrument (if you can!). There is a song for every mood, and it is therapeutic in itself. If gives you a chance to distract yourself from whatever tension you may have in your life. There’s nothing like putting in headphones, belting out the words to your favorite song, and getting lost in the music for a few minutes.

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Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor is a senior at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo pursuing a degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. At school, she enjoys her job working for the university's Academic Skills Center, taking part in social and charity events with her sorority, or just reading a book in the sunshine. Outside of school, she enjoys travel, learning to cook, catching up on her favorite TV shows and exploring her coastal college town.