6 Things To Find Out About Your Roommate Before Moving In

Are you going to be living with a roommate or maybe even a few roommates in a dorm or apartment during college?

Well, there are many questions that need to be asked and answered before moving in with them.

Living with roommates is way different than living with someone you are in a relationship with. Moving in with someone you have never really met before can be a little scary, so don’t go into this unprepared, have your questions ready.

This post will definitely help with the right topics that need to be discussed before move in day.

  • Sleeping Habits

Everyone has their own ways of sleeping, whether it be by sleeping with a TV on, a fan, music, a night lightetc. Be sure to discuss with your future roommate their sleeping habits. You may not like the way they sleep. Also discuss the time. Everyone goes to sleep at different times every night. Set up a time on the weekdays where it needs to be “quiet time” when it hits that time. You don’t want to be awake all night with your roommate keeping you awake being loud.

  • Cleaning Habits

Some roommates may be clean freaks, while others  may be slobs. If you’re a neat freak, discuss with your roommate the ways you can keep your place nice and tidy or at least livable  It’s a lot better to come back from class to a nice clean place. If you’re a slob, make sure the person you’re rooming with is a slob as well. Most colleges typically have you fill out a roommate preference form when you submit your housing application. It’s important to BE HONEST on this survey. This allows colleges to pair up students with similar tendencies and cleanliness is generally one of the categories.

  • Guest Habits

How often do you want people over at your place you barely know? Are guests only allowed during the weekend or is it fair game to have friends/significant others spend the night every day of the week? These are all things you guys will need to discuss in advance. It’s great to talk it over with your roommate to discuss with each other when you are going to have a friend or family member over and make sure it is okay before they come over to visit.

  • Food Habits

You don’t want to come back to your room with food YOU BOUGHT gone missing. Be sure to keep your name on your food you buy and if your roommate wants to share food, be sure to discuss it over and split the cost on food when going to the grocery store.

Also some people have different food preferences. You might have a meat lover roommate or a vegetarian roommate. Make sure if you are a meat lover that your roommate is okay with having meat in the fridge.

  • Noise

How loud should the TV or music be? Some people have to watch movies with complete surround sound, others are perfectly content to listen with their headphones. Being a college student, you sometimes need as much silence as you can get, especially when you are trying to study and get homework done. It is best to just keep your music or television turned down low to not bug your roommate or them bug you.

  • Decorating

Everyone has different tastes. Before moving in talk with your roommate(s) things they like and dislike. It is nice to get to know what they like especially when it comes to decorating a place you will be sharing with for awhile. Also split expenses if you both will be buying decorations. Have each person buy a few things and not just one person buying it all.

Moving in to a new place can be nerve wrecking and exciting. Communication is key to a comfortable and fun living situation.

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