6 Tips to Make Rainy Days Easier

April showers bring May flowers is not a joke this year. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but the Midwest has been dealing with some crazy rain the past couple of days.

You might not think it through before coming to college, but rainy days are the biggest pain to deal with as a student. The first rainfall as a college student was a complete shock for me.

I thought, “we actually have to walk to class in this weather?” I sucked it up, grabbed my cheap umbrella, and headed out to class. I returned back to my room completely drenched with soaked socks, wet notes, and no umbrella.

It might seem weird to hear that broken umbrellas were found across campus, but it’s true. Hard rain and wind tend to break the cheaper umbrellas and you’re left completely uncovered for the rest of the day.

A rainy day might scream at you to skip class, stay in bed, and watch movies all day. Don’t let this force over take you. Get up and go to class regardless if it’s raining. It’s just a little water. If storms did get out of hand, although it’s rare for a school to do this, they sometimes cancel class for the safety of the students.

There are several ways you can prepare yourself for this type of weather so your day isn’t completely horrible.

Umbrella, Umbrella, Umbrella!

This is the most important item to have for a rainy day. Don’t even bother buying a cheap one thinking that it will do the trick.

I can promise you that it will cause many problems. It’s really annoying when you’re that one person scurrying to class and your umbrella pops open the wrong way and then it eventually breaks.

Make a great investment in a good umbrella that will protect you from the rain at all times. Yes, at all times. Don’t trust the unreliable weatherman that says the day calls for sunshine all day. Rain is unpredictable. Have an umbrella tucked away in your backpack everyday just in case a surprise shower occurs.

Remember that not all umbrellas have to be an eye soar. Search for that perfect umbrella that has a unique design or that goes with some of your outfits. It can be quite a useful accessory.

Be Bold With Boots

When I came to college, rain boots were starting to be worn as a fashion statement. I choked back my laughter and thought they were the most hideous shoes I have ever seen. I kept seeing girls wear them and I didn’t understand why.

But, my mom gave me a pair for my birthday that year and I couldn’t let them sit untouched in my closet. The next rainy day I busted out the ugly boots and I realized why so many people were wearing them.

Before the rain boots, puddles were sometimes unavoidable. I had to change my socks each time I returned to my room, the bottom of my pants were soaked so I had to change those, and my shoes needed a whole day to dry out. But with the boots, all of those problems went away. I could stomp over all the puddles I wanted and didn’t have to worry about any of my clothes getting wet and sitting uncomfortably in class.

After I realized how useful they are, the fact that I thought they were ugly didn’t seem so important. And when put together with the right outfit, they are really cute. The boots comes in all-different types of designs; polka dots, stripes, animal prints, plaid, and more. So go crazy with them.

Tight Pants with Boots

Dragging jeans through the rain is very uncomfortable. By wearing leggings, yoga pants, or skinny jeans with your boots, there won’t be a problem with pant legs getting wet.

Wearing skinny pants with boots is also more fashionable. Regular jeans would bunch up when trying to shove them into rain boots, which are already tight.

It’s Not Just Your Backpack; it’s Your Life

Your backpack in college is so important. It carries all those books that cost basically another tuitions worth, all those homework assignments and papers that took you hours to finish, and sometimes your laptop. You can see how important a backpack is.

If a backpack isn’t waterproof or water-resistant, it can cause some serious damage to your belongings. When I was a freshman, I had a very cheap backpack that I used throughout high school as well. One day, an unexpected “monsoon” tour through my campus. I was several blocks away from my dorm when the rain came crashing down. I was unprepared and didn’t have my umbrella but that wouldn’t have mattered. Everything in my backpack was ruined. I had two huge textbooks that were soaked to the bone, my phone was broken, and all the ink from my notes bled down.

Don’t let this happen to you. If textbooks get wet, you’ll have to deal with curled and crunchy pages for the rest of the year. Avoid crunchy textbooks by getting a good backpack that can handle heavy rain in case a torrential downpour happens.

It’s Rain, not a Shower; Wear a Jacket

I wouldn’t know for the warmer parts of the country, but the Midwest has the worst temperature. When it rains, it gets cold. Wet and cold? That doesn’t sound pleasant. Wearing a raincoat or a jacket that is waterproof is great for days with bad weather.

Maybe buy a couple of different kinds that can be used for different temperatures. During the warmer seasons, go for a lighter jacket that still allows you to breathe. But when it gets cooler, find a jacket that is warm and isolated.

Hoods on jackets can be very useful too. They keep your ears warm and give you extra protection from the rain that an umbrella might miss.

Caution: Stand Away from Curbs!

It might be funny to watch, but it can ruin someone’s day. I have seen so many people stand too close to a curb when it’s raining or it had rained early in the day and they were plowed with water by a car driving by.

When you’re soaked from head to toe in dirty street water, you know you have to rush back home and change before you go into class. Students try to attend class that way but a teacher might call you out and send you home to change.

Think while you walk to class. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the simple things that could happen to you, especially when you have a set rhythm of walking to class. But avoid getting a wave of junk water splashed on you and stand a few feet away from the curb.

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Gina Stolzman

Gina Stolzman

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