6 Unexpected Dorm Room Necessities

You’re in your dorm, completely unpacked, and you realize that there are a handful of items you wish you had packed. Not to worry, this happens to every college freshman and will most likely continue to happen every year you move back up to school.

During my freshman year, there were a lot of small items that I never even thought of packing that I wish I would have. Consider purchasing these six items to avoid making this mistake.

A Flashlight- When leaving for college, my mom insisted I bring a flashlight. I never understood why until the day the power went out in my dorm building. While the outage only lasted for an hour, I would have been helpless without a flashlight. Considering candles are prohibited in the majority of on-campus dorms, flashlights are an essential item to purchase.

Extension Cords and Power Strips – Your dorm room will most likely consist of just a few power outlets. This is why extension cords and power strips are so important. With a refrigerator, television, microwave, printers, and a handful of chargers, my roommates and I found it near impossible to function without these cords.

Bed-side Fan – Many universities do not install air-conditioning in their dorm buildings. This said, a fan is a must-have, if not several. One of the best purchases I made during my freshman year was a mini-fan that clipped onto my bed. While a big fan is great for cooling down the room, sometimes it isn’t enough. A bedside fan helped me sleep much easier during hot summer nights.

Umbrella – While this item isn’t a dorm room essential; it is definitely a necessity that many students forget to bring with them to college. Walking to class can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, and this can be quite a dreadful walk on a rainy day with no umbrella.

Spare Change – While not all university dorms have change-operated laundry machines, some do. This said, it is smart to pack a few rolls of quarters so you are able to do laundry.

Sleep Mask – Yes, as strange as it sounds sleep masks do actually come in handy—especially if you are someone who is extremely sensitive to light. Not everyone has the same sleeping patterns, therefore, a sleeping mask will help you sleep peacefully on those nights when your roommate goes to bed later than you.

Note that some of these items may not apply to your living arrangements. To gain a better idea of what to pack try to get in contact with an upperclassman at your university. They may be able to give you a few helpful tips on the dorm life at your school.

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Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Marie Trombly

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