8 Ways To Get Ready for College

It can be argued that the years you spend in college are the best four years of your life. And I would probably have to agree — well, thus far at least.

But in order to look ahead to those four (or more) years, students must make sure they’re adequately prepared to move on to the next chapter of their life. The following are some ways you can get ready for college.

  • Explore your interests

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Most of us have probably heard that quote from Confucius on numerous occasions.

When finding a job, it’s important to find one you love; or at least a career path you love. Working at a job you have a passion for will motivate you to do well, potentially furthering your future career.

Discover what interests you – whether it’s writing, becoming a doctor or the common childhood dream of being a firefighter. Once you have an idea of the career path you want to follow, then you can begin to get ready for college and explore your options based on what majors are offered where.

  • Consider your finances

When it came time to start thinking about college, factoring in the money aspect was high on my priority list. I knew I would have to apply for financial aid and I did just that.

When it came down to choosing between colleges, pinpointing how much aid I would receive at each college I applied to played a large role in my choosing a college.

Each person’s (and family’s) financial situation is different. Talk to your parents about how money will play a role in your college career. Maybe they’ll be able to help you out with tuition, or maybe you’ll apply for financial aid. This could be one of the (factors) you’re using to decide between a two-year or four-year college.

  •  Challenge yourself

While it may be nice, don’t just breeze through high school. Take classes that challenge you will help you get ready for college. Advanced placement (AP) classes are definitely something to consider. At the end of the AP course you can take the AP exam and hopefully earn some college credit. If not, at least you received some preparation for college with a rigorous curriculum in high school.

  • Take the required tests

Standardized tests are not my forte, whatsoever. So when it came to taking the SAT and ACT, I knew I had to work hard to prepare for them. Whether it’s studying in a group or taking the PSAT, make sure you’re ready for these college exams. Also be sure to find out which tests are required for the colleges you’re thinking of applying to. It could be that your college only requires one of the tests or maybe even both.

  • Visit college campuses

Once you have an idea of what colleges you want to apply to, start visiting various campuses and getting tours.

In visiting, you’ll likely be able to narrow down your choices even more based on what you find. Maybe you won’t like the environment or the overall feel of one of the campuses you visit.

On the other hand, maybe when you visit a campus you’ll know that’s where you want to be and that’s where you see yourself.

  • Do community service

Colleges like to see that you can branch away from school and show interest in your community. So get ready for college by getting your foot out of the door and volunteering your time! Start by tutoring or helping out at a local elderly home.

  • Stay focused

It’s common for seniors to get tired of the same old routine and become excited for their college years, but that doesn’t mean they should lose momentum. Keep your grade point average high and work hard in your studies.

  • Apply

By the time you begin the application process, hopefully you’re ready for college. Make sure you’ve taken all of the required tests. And of course, don’t forget to meet all of those college application deadlines!

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