9 College Wardrobe Essentials – Guys Edition

When packing for school some students like to keep their suitcases light, while others can’t imagine parting with anything. Wherever you land on that spectrum there are a few key items that every guy should make sure they have in their college wardrobe.

1. A Suit.

Whether that suit is grey, black or blue does not necessarily matter. What matters is that during your college career there will be many occasions during which formal wear is appropriate. You could have an interview for an internship or job, have an honors ceremony to attend or be invited to a meal at the president’s house. If you want to be taken seriously for a position, you must look like you want to be taken seriously, which means you should give some careful consideration to your outfit for those moments.

One well-tailored suit and a few dress shirts to mix and match will get you successfully and handsomely through each of those events.

2. Dress Shoes.

Dress shoes come in great varieties and can be pretty expensive. While I don’t think you need to go spend hundreds of dollars, this is one area where it would be best to invest. When it comes to a good pair of dress shoes, it is okay to spend more than you would normally feel comfortable spending on a pair of shoes. If you purchase a good pair they could last you your entire college experience and even beyond that.

3. Watch.

A watch is an important accessory. While a watch may not be a necessary accessory when you have your phone, your ipod and your computer to tell you the time, it does keep you on schedule much more effectively at times when it may not be appropriate to be looking at your phone constantly. It also helps your professional ensemble to look more put together and adult.

4. Leather Belt.

This is another thing that you could spend a whole lot of money on, but you do not necessarily need to. Just make sure that it is of good quality, otherwise it will not last long at all. Wearing a belt with your dress pants is a must!

  • It is very important that your dress shoes, watch and leather belt all coordinate. Brown dress shoes should have a brown belt and watch to match, and the same goes with navy, black or grey. Just like with the suit, you do not need one set of each color. Just pick one and go with it. These accessories may seem small, but they will make your professional ensemble look much more mature.

5. Dark Jeans.

There are those occasions where a suit would be too formal but you still want to put your best foot forward. For those moments, a pair of dark jeans will do the trick. Dark jeans can be paired nicely with a polo or even a dress shirt and sport coat for a date night or class presentation.

6. A Few Go-To Tees.

There will be days where you are running on 45 minutes of sleep and trying to get dressed one-handed because of the vice grip you’ve got on your coffee mug. For those days it is important to have a few of your favorite go-to tees on hand.

7. Comfortable Tennis Shoes or Boots.

Depending on the weather conditions where your school is located, either of these will do. Just like your go-to tees it is important to have a few comfortable pairs of shoes. These are important for long days of running around campus or walking around the city with your friends. Remember, these shoes should be comfortable and practical. If the weather report is calling for snow go for the boots, not the cloth sneakers.

8. Dress-Shirts.

Just a few of these will get you a long way. You can keep it simple with classic black, white and navy shirts, or add in a few patterns if you’re feeling more adventurous. Make sure you have at least one good tie to match for those extra special occasions.

9. Comfort Clothes.

When you are having a bad day even the smallest things can help and that includes your wardrobe. Be sure to bring your most comfortable sweats and hoodie to help you feel better on those off-days.

While your wardrobe is certainly not the most important thing you will have going on at school, it is definitely something important to consider. Showing up to classes in sweats every day will be very tempting, but you must remember that your professors can be vital resources in your future internship and job searches. It will be to your advantage to make the best impression you can.

Just remember to always dress for the occasion. With these nine key items you should be prepared to do so.

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Amber Bray

Amber Bray

Amber Bray is a senior at North Central College studying journalism and graphic design. Apart from her classes Amber writes a relationship advice column, along with other pieces, for the North Central Chronicle. She also writes and designs for North Central’s online magazine, The Viewfinder. Amber is a trivia fanatic and in her free time she enjoys board games, reading and writing fiction, and spending time with friends and family.