9 College Wardrobe Essentials – Ladies Edition

Fitting all of your favorite clothes into that dorm room closet can be tough and deciding which of your beloved items should make it into the suitcase can be quite the emotional experience. To make your decisions a little easier, here are nine items that you should be sure to have in your closet to make it stylishly and professionally through the year.

1. Jeans.

You will definitely want a few pairs of jeans that you love. As long as they fit you well and are your style you should be good to go. I would recommend having a few pairs for everyday purposes and one extra special pair for going out. They do not have to be skinny, bootcut or hip-huggers. They should be whatever style fits your body best and makes you feel comfortable.

2. Dress Pants or Skirt.

Choosing between these two is a matter of preference and climate. While having both would be great you could survive with just one or the other. The most important thing about this piece of your wardrobe is to make sure that it fits you well and is appropriate for work or interviews. If you go with a skirt, it should be about knee length and appropriately fitted. Save mini-skirts for the weekend! It would also be best if you chose a neutral color, so that you can mix and match with several different tops, shoes and accessories.

3. Classic Dress.

While in some closets a Little Black Dress might be the must-have, it is not really necessary for a college wardrobe. That is, unless you are planning on attending lots of fantastic cocktail parties, in which case you should go for it. For most college wardrobes though, a simple pastel or earth-toned dress cis perfect. Pair the dress with a blazer for an interview or day at the office, wear it with flats for a romantic walk with your date, or with a clutch and your favorite pair of pumps for a night on the town with your girlfriends. 

4. Comfortable Heels.

While you may be able to rock those 5 inch heels on a night out with friends it is important to invest in a more practical and comfortable pair for more professional occasions. Interviews or days at the office can be long and you want to be on your A-Game as much as possible, which means not squirming around uncomfortably because you picked the wrong pair of shoes. Make sure they are a pair you can manage wearing for a few hours on end without being in pain.

5. Comfortable Flats.

While heels are great, there are some days that are just too long to manage in them. This is where a great pair of flats will save you. A few pairs of flats are best. You can have some for the office or more professional settings and a few brightly colored ones to wear for fun. I would even recommend getting some inserts for your flats to get that extra support. It makes a huge difference, especially after a long day!

6. Basic Tees.

Basic tee’s can be crucial in making a wardrobe go a long way. While patterned and more trendy t-shirts can be fantastic for purposes of basic necessities and versatility it is best to go with plain colored tee’s that are hip length and fit you well.  These tee’s can go with almost anything and be appropriate in most situations as long as they are paired appropriately.

7. Blazer.

A well-tailored blazer can make almost any outfit look more professional and adult. It can be paired with skirts, dresses or pants and can make date night shirts more modest and office appropriate. Try to get one that is a solid color so that you can mix and match things with it without worrying too much about matching. If you aren’t a fan of the super-tailored look a well-fitting cardigan will do the trick.

8. Accessories!

As far as these go, just bring whatever you like best. I have a lot of scarves and earrings because that is what I like to wear most. If you are more of a necklace, bracelet or ring type of person then bring a bunch of those. Accessories can make a huge difference in  any outfit and can make your wardrobe that much more versatile.

9. Something Comfortable

Looking cute is a lot of fun, especially when you are surrounded by new people. However, do not forget to bring some clothes that you can just lounge around in. Trust me, after the tenth hour of studying and the fifth cup of coffee looking cute will lose its appeal and  you will long for your favorite sweatpants and hoodie. Make sure you don’t leave them at home!


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Amber Bray

Amber Bray

Amber Bray is a senior at North Central College studying journalism and graphic design. Apart from her classes Amber writes a relationship advice column, along with other pieces, for the North Central Chronicle. She also writes and designs for North Central’s online magazine, The Viewfinder. Amber is a trivia fanatic and in her free time she enjoys board games, reading and writing fiction, and spending time with friends and family.