9 Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer is almost here! Finally, no more homework and tests to worry about until Fall rolls around. Time to enjoy the warm sunny weather.

What are your plans once the semester is over? Perhaps find a summer job to make some extra cash?

Yeah, yeah, we know working is no fun, especially when you know its nice out and you just want to relax and enjoy it. But you know there are outdoor jobs right?

Summer makes it possible for students to put some of their newly acquired knowledge into use, while making some money to help with students loans and everyday expenses.

Here are some great summer jobs for college students:

  1. Lifeguard: Benefits to being a lifeguard, you get to be outside! That is what you wanted right? There are pools everywhere and pools are always looking for people to become lifeguards and help out especially when you know pools are super busy during the summer time. Each pool is required by law to have a lifeguard on duty at all times.
  2. Fast Food Employee: We know it’s not the best job in the world but it will give you extra cash in your pocket to help pay off your loans or whatever other expenses you have. This is the most common job for teens and college students.
  3. Resorts: Many hotel resorts are looking for help. Many programs cover all of your expenses, from travel expenses to your room, board and food. Plus, you get to enjoy all the luxuries of the resort for free in your off time. It’s a great option to stay busy during the summer while traveling and enjoying a totally new place.
  4. Babysitting: You probably started babysitting when you were younger so you know what to expect when it comes to babysitting. Any responsible person can do this. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or expertise, and best of all, it’s fun to hang out with kids and keep an eye on them. Be sure to check your local newspaper for babysitting opportunities.
  5. Internships: There are SO many different internships during the summer time. It is a great way to get more experience in the field you are majoring in. Just be sure to find one that pays otherwise you will just be doing it for free and not getting any cash from it. Don’t get me wrong, being a part of an internship is a great experience and you will gain a lot from it but if you are looking for some extra cash, look for ones that pay.
  6. Department Store Associate: This also is another common job for teens and college students. They are always looking for extra help and it is a pretty easy job. Don’t forget many stores that you work for offer employee discounts. Bonus!
  7. Lawn Care: This is the most popular option for students looking to make extra cash. If you don’t mind the heat and the noise, you can actually make a decent amount of money cutting grass. Finding clients is as easy as going around your neighborhood and letting people know you can cut their grass for $25 or so. Don’t forget, you get to be outside!
  8. On Campus Jobs: Surprisingly many students stay on campus and don’t go home for the summer. There are always a ton of different on campus jobs that you can find. Some examples are helping college professors grade papers and organize research. Taking care of landscaping, etc. There is always some sort of on-campus job that you can find. Ask around!
  9. Farmer’s Market: Who doesn’t love fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables? Most of the time it is just on the weekends that farmer’s markets are held so it would just be a weekend job. It is always great to help support your local farmer’s market.

Those are just a few summer jobs for college students, I am sure you could find plenty more. Don’t spend your entire summer doing nothing, make some extra cash and get to work. Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to do other things you enjoy on your summer vacation.

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Cayla Gorsh

Cayla Gorsh

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