A Cure for Senioritis

With springtime and the end of school years (and, indeed) school careers coming around, it can become increasingly hard to focus on your school work. I find that  this is all the more true when you have something that much better to look forward to that isn’t related to school, such as prom, graduation,  parties, preparing for college, the list goes on and on.

It may be your last semester, but that doesn’t make it any less important for you to keep focus, those grades still count, and still will factor into your GPA. So how do you beat the terrible beast that is most commonly known as “senioritis?”

Speaking as a college senior, I understand how the work that needs to be done can seem like literally the least appealing thing on earth, and to tie into that, the stress level is rising. This, in my case, has made senioritis a problem since, oh…November, and it was not something that I was susceptible to in high school.

  • Keep organized. To start off, when things began to get more hectic, I made a to do list.  It contains academic, extracurricular, and internship work, job hunting with the deadlines as they apply.  In addition to all the necessary things, I’ve been adding other things to my list  that keep me happy and not too stressed out, such as; reading, writing, exercise, and  an occasional video game on a light day. This allows me to keep balanced and not be too overwhelmed, and the “distressing” thing comes along frequently enough that I can give myself a little breather, but still is productive.  I keep the breaks short, nor more than an hour, in order to make sure they can stay there.
  • Enjoy yourself (carefully). If the weather and your work permits it, you could do some work outside as well. This way, you can both enjoy the weather and be productive. This does require a good deal of discipline, however, especially if there are other people around.  The same goes for being around friends, I think. Balance is crucial. When it comes to the end of the year, especially if people are going their separate ways, all anybody seems to want to do is hang out. Now, I’m sure it’s not the ideal plan, but study together if you have to. You can take breaks together as well, which are sure to be much more fun.
  • Keep your mind on your goals. After school’s done, you’ll have more time to the things that you need (and want) to do. There’s much more to do that isn’t related to school, and it can seem overwhelming at times, but if it isn’t school related, it most likely can wait until the summer.  Exceptions exist, of course, but don’t go looking for them. That remains one of my biggest problems to date. Despite my organizing, and knowing the due dates of everything, certain things just seem more appealing.  Keep in mind though, that it can wait until you have more free time.

Finishing out school can seem difficult or even just uninteresting at times, but remember that it’s just as important. Keeping organized, and keeping a level head are two some of the ways to keep your head and have an enjoyable last couple weeks of school.

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Stefanie Hughes

Stefanie Hughes

Stefanie Hughes is a senior at Benedictine University, with a double major in Writing & Publishing and Theology. She spends her free time working on Benedictine’s newspaper, The Candor, as well as being a member of Daughters of Isabella, Students for Life, and helping around University Ministry. Any other extra time is filled with reading, writing, cooking, video editing, biking or walking around the lake.