ACT Prep

ACT Prep is a tool commonly used by high school students to help them prepare for the ACT test required for college admissions. ACT prep can be done online, in a group classroom setting, or one-on-one with an instructor. Usually prep classes and practice tests help students raise their scores.

What kind of ACT prep should I do?

Deciding what kind of ACT prep to do depends on the type of person and learner you are. Do you prefer to learn in groups where ideas can be fluctuating constantly, or do you prefer personal instruction with one-on-one demonstrations? These are all questions to consider when choosing between online classes, one-on-one instruction or in a group setting.

When should I start ACT prep?

Most students begin ACT prep during the summer before their junior year of high school and during their junior year. Starting earlier can’t hurt, but there is no sense in starting if you have not yet learned necessary material in school yet. Often times students haven’t learned enough Algebra or have not had enough in-class essay prep in their English classes.

What subjects are covered on the ACT?

ACT prep will often prepare you individually for each separate section of the test. The ACT has reading, math, science and English sections and an optional writing section at the end. ACT prep classes, in any form you take them let you take separate tests for each section, allowing you to see individual scores for each section before you put your final composite score together.

How should I prepare for the ACT writing section?

A lot of the preparation done for the ACT writing section is done in high school English classes, particularly AP English classes, if your school offers them. The best way to prepare for this section of the ACT is by practicing repetition on in-class or timed essays. The ACT writing section is timed like all of the other portions of the test. While you may be able to write a great essay when allotted a couple days, the ACT only gives you about 45 minutes to complete this section of the test. ACT prep classes where you are in a group setting or a one-on-one setting would be most helpful to prepare for this section of the test because an instructor can review your work and provide feedback for you.

How much does ACT prep cost?

ACT prep costs are different depending on what kind of ACT prep you choose. Do-it-yourself books cost anywhere from $10-$30. Classes taught by instructors are much more expensive, but can often be more rewarding and range from $75-$600. Online prep courses also range from $20-$600. One-on-one prep classes with a personal instructor can costs thousands, ranging from $50-$250 for hour. Cost is certainly something to keep in mind when deciding which kind of ACT prep to participate in, but classes taught by instructors are often more beneficial because feedback can be provided to you.

ACT prep is often a beneficial way to get ready to take one of the most important tests you will ever take. Cost and the method of preparation should be carefully considered.

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