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ACT Background Information

Unfortunately, part of the college admission process requires high school students to take the ACT exam.  The ACT exam tests students in the following 4 subject areas: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

The ACT Plus Writing exam includes the 4 subject areas just mentioned plus a 30 minute writing test.  Students have the option to select which test they want to take when going through the ACT sign up process.

The ACT exam contains 215 multiple-choice questions.  Each student is given 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam or 4 hours if they choose to take the ACT Plus Writing exam.

ACT Sign Up Process

The ACT sign up process is very simple.  The quickest ACT sign up method is online at:  Once you visit the ACT website, follow these steps:

  • 1. Click the Registration Tab
  • 2. Under “Registration Options,” Click “Sign-Up Online”
  • 3. Select “Create A New Account”
  • 4. Answer Questions:

a. Have you registered for the ACT before? (Yes/No)

b. Have you taken the ACT before? (Yes/No)

  • 5. Create Account:

a. Name

b. Date of Birth

c. SSN

d. Email Address

  • 6. Create User ID & Password
  • 7. Enter Personal Information (i.e. Address, Ethnic Background, etc.)
  • 8. Enter High School Information
  • 9. Click “Register for ACT”

ACT Sign Up Steps

Once you’ve clicked the “Register for ACT” button, then you’re ready to complete the following ACT sign up steps:

  • Step 1: Enter personal information (i.e. right-handed or left-handed)
  • Step 2: Enter information about High School (i.e. accomplishments, classes, school size)
  • Step 3: Enter your college plans (i.e. full-time student? live on-campus?)
  • Step 4: Complete information about college interests (i.e. what type of college you want to attend, etc.)
  • Step 5: Identify any special interests (i.e. college honors course, study abroad)
  • Step 6: Identify extracurricular activities, how you plan to pay for college, and any ‘out-of-class’ accomplishments.
  • Step 7: Complete the ACT Interest Inventory
  • Step 8: Select which country you want to test in
  • Step 9: Select your test date
  • Step 10: Select which test you want to take (ACT No Writing or ACT Plus Writing)
  • Step 11: Enter information about high schools classes and grades achieved
  • Step 12: Select which colleges you would like to send your ACT scores
  • Step 13: Select which college majors and careers interest you
  • Step 14: Select your test location
  • Step 15: Pay ACT sign up fees

ACT Sign Up (Online vs. Mail)

The ACT sign up and registration process will go a lot faster is you choose to do it online and the costs are exactly the same.  When you sign up online, then you will know immediately if the test center you selected has space for you take the exam.  You can also print your admissions ticket.  You will need this on test day.

Who Should Complete the ACT Sign Up Process?

The ACT suggests that parents allow their child to complete the ACT sign up process themselves.  Since the ACT does ask about interests, college preferences, and career plans, these questions would be better answered by students, rather than parents.

However, the ACT does state that if your child doesn’t have time to complete the ACT sign up process, then parents are allowed to register their child.  However, the ACT strongly encourages parents to share all of the information they entered in the system with their child.

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