General Advice for College Students

My previous blog posts have been very specific on certain aspects of college that can help enrich your college experience. But what I haven’t done yet is give you a general overview of advice for college students that will help you succeed.

After all, as a college student you want to make the most out of the best four years of your life. These general tips will help you do that.


No matter what, your academic performance must always be your top priority. You and your parents have or will be investing a lot of time and money into making sure you get a quality education to get you prepared for the real world.

Spending your time solely on partying, slacking, etc. isn’t exactly a good return on the investment, is it? You may feel like it is a good return at first but if you fall too far behind, academic probation could be in your future. And from what I hear, academic probation is not fun. Or worse, your college could kick you out because of poor grades.

I know it’s tempting to go out and party since you now have this newfound freedom, especially when you have classes that involve only reading as homework and there aren’t any quizzes, just midterms.But the consequences of not keeping up with your work is quite severe. I certainly am guilty of doing that. But trust me, it is rather painful to have to cram all that reading in the night before your midterm  and the outcome is not good.

So my general college advice about grades is don’t leave everything till the last minute. Go to class everyday, do your homework on time, study effectively and you’ll be fine.


Just as getting good grades is important, you also need to be sure to befriend professors in your major. It may be intimidating at first, but most professors are really nice and are interested in making sure you succeed in school and in the real world.

If your major involves some sort of math/engineering field, scroll down since you won’t be needing this advice for college students. Most likely, you’ll find tech companies offering you jobs as soon as you graduate. The rest of us aren’t quite that lucky.

Your professors most likely have connections that can be used to your advantages. For instance, I am lucky to have professors in the Journalism Department at Cal Poly who actually have jobs as journalists at local TV stations and what not. I have friends who now have internships at these local TV stations since the professors recommended them to the stations for internships.

Admittedly, since I am by nature a more introverted and reserved individual, I am not as close of friends with my professors as I should be. So do what you can to befriend your professors- get involved with clubs they are advisors to, talk them during office hours if you have a question, etc. If your professors are indeed nice people, naturally the friendship will come about.

Stay Healthy

I already have a post about healthy diets for college students. But there other ways to stay healthy, since obviously you don’t want to be sick all the time while you’re in college.

For one, get plenty of sleep! I understand that there are times when you need to pull an all-nighter, whether it’s studying, finishing up that paper, or even if you’re out late partying. That’s fine every once in awhile. But you can’t make a habit out of staying up late. Not enough sleep harms your immune system.

Another way to stay healthy is going to the gym! Most colleges have a gym on campus. Cal Poly has a very exquisite gym that I go to on the weekends. If you have some sort of good exercise schedule, you’ll be a lot less stressed and have those endorphins flowing that make you feel good. Plus there’s nothing wrong with being more buff, especially if you’re a guy trying to impress that one hot girl.

Be Involved

Your college experience won’t be much fun if you just stay in your room all day. Go out and be involved!

Get involved with clubs that relate to your major. Or clubs that just seem like fun. Fraternities and sororities are good too.

Even if you do or don’t get involved with those things, take advantage of the surrounding area! There are probably plenty of activities in the city/town that you can do with your friends, even if it’s just as simple as going out to dinner or seeing a movie. And yes partying is fine too, as long as partying is not a higher priority for you over your grades.

Fun is necessary so you’re not stressed all the time, and these next four years won’t be the best four years of your life if you don’t have fun to a certain extent.

This general advice for college students will help you maximize your four years and possibly beyond. Now go enjoy your college experience!

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