Advice For Parents: Constructing The Perfect Care Package

Care packages are a great way to help your son or daughter out during rough weeks like midterms or finals. Instead of ordering a care package online, put one together yourself to make a more personalized gift. Some ideas of what to include:

  • Food

If you’re sending a care package in time for finals, food will be especially appreciated. College students barely ever have time to cook, and we’re even more crunched for time when exams roll around. If we’re pulling all-nighters, we appreciate not having to rely on the vending machines when food halls are closed.

The best care package foods have minimal prep time: anything microwavable works. Snacks like granola bars, dried fruit and nuts travel are also great because they travel well and can last us a while. Gift cards to campus restaurants work great, too.

  • The Essentials

Again, college students are crunched for time during exam weeks. If we run out of something, we would rather live without it then go out and get it. Because of that, things like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and deodorant are great additions to any care package.

  • Extras

There are a lot of little things every college student always needs. One great extra to include in a care package is a roll of quarters: getting change for laundry and vending machines can be a pain.

Another popular finals week item is a set of earplugs, especially for students who live in noisy dorms and need help focusing on their studies. Throwing in something fun to take the stress away is a great idea too: send a movie or a new video game.

Don’t worry too much about what goes into the package. The fact that you thought to send one is usually good enough!

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Selma Haveric

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