All I Want For Christmas Is To Get Into My Dream School

So it’s just about that time of year. You anxiously wait for a man to deliver something to your house that you will tear open with excitement and anticipation. No, I’m not talking about Christmas.

This is better than Christmas because this has the potential of determining how the rest of your life will go! This is probably the only time of year you anxiously check the mail everyday hoping there will be a letter for you. You are beginning to hear back from colleges, finding out where you’ve been accepted and deciding where you want to spend the next four years.

Depending on how many schools you applied to, where you wanted to go prior to hearing back, and which schools you actually get accepted to, this process could go a variety of ways. However, I think the predominant outcomes can be summed up in three general scenarios.

Scenario 1 – You Get Into Your Dream School

When people asked you where you wanted to go to college you always had a solid answer. Maybe your parents are alumni at this school and you want to carry on the legacy. Maybe they have a really good football team and you have been a fan for as long as you remember. Maybe they have a good program for your major. Or maybe you just love the overall vibe of this school. So you applied and to your delight got accepted.

Your hard work has paid off and you should be very proud. Now that you are in you should seal the deal as soon as possible and start taking the next steps such as finding a roommate or going dorm shopping. Buy a school sweatshirt and wear it with pride.

Scenario 2 – You Are Undecided  

You’re not exactly sure where you want to go to school. You applied to a good variety to give yourself options, and now that you’re starting to hear back, you’ve never been more confused. Consider it a privilege to have options.

Maybe you got into most of your schools making the elimination process that much more difficult. Maybe you had a preference, but you got rejected there. Maybe you had no idea where you wanted to go before and are still just as unsure.

There are many factors that will come into play when making your decision. Things like money, distance and academic reputation are all very important and should probably be discussed and decided on with your parents. You should think about things like if you would rather go to a private school or a public school—a big school or a small school—a school in a big city or one in a small town.

You should definitely visit all your potential colleges and take tours of the campuses. Hopefully walking around the campus and town will give you an idea of if you could see yourself going to school and living there.

Obviously the decision is ultimately up to you, but my advice is to not be afraid to take a chance. Don’t pick a school based on where your high school friends are going or where you think you should be. You may thrive at a place that is out of your element—you’ll never know unless you try.

Scenario 3 – Your Options Are Slim to None

If you find yourself receiving one rejection letter after the next, while you might be disappointed, remember that it’s not the end of the world.

Don’t rule out options you hadn’t seriously considered before just because you didn’t get into your top schools. Do some research on those schools and be open-minded. That may just be exactly where you were supposed to end up.

If you don’t get in where you want to be right away, there is nothing wrong with transferring later. In fact, going to community college for the first few years could be beneficial in many ways. Not only would you be saving a lot of money, but you could also get all your general education classes done. Also if you work hard and do well you could more easily transfer to your top school because the enrollment for transfers is less competitive than for freshmen.

Although it’s cliché to say everything happens for a reason, it really does. So get excited for college because no matter where you end up, it will likely be the best four years of you life.

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