Apartment Hunting Tips For College Students

So, you need a place to live? Maybe you have decided not to live in the dorms your first year of college, or maybe you are just beginning your second year of college. Living on your own is a huge change! The first step is to find a place, but there are so many options, where do you start?

Apartment hunting is something that everyone has to do once in his or her life. Apartment complexes are everywhere and usually go through the same rental processes. So here are a few tips on how to choose the best apartment for you.

  • Know how many rooms you want in your apartment, as well as location of your new place. Do you want to live upstairs or downstairs? Near the front or the back of the complex? All of these things may differ depending on what is available, but having your preferences before is very important.
  • Try to find roommates before you start to look for a place to live.
  • Make a list of demands, things each apartment complex has to have in order for you to live there. Do they need to accept pets? Are they close to your school? Do they have security?
  • Look for an apartment early; sometimes there are early bird specials, or discounts on a security deposit.
  • Do your research before you visit any apartment complex. Having prior knowledge to what the apartment complex offers is always helpful when actually seeing the physical apartments.
  • Call and ask for an appointment time, this way you can get in to the apartment and actually see a model, rather than just photographs.
  • Have a list of questions prepared to ask the apartment employees, if you do not write them down, you may forget to ask something important.
  • Remember, not all apartments give the same amenities, so check to make sure they have exactly what you want.
  • Bring a separate checklist to each apartment complex you visit, so you can keep track of everything that you like and dislike.
  • Always ask what is included in the price – water, sewage, garbage, etc.
  • Put your name on any wait list that does not cost any money. Some apartment complexes require a deposit to put your name on a wait list, but others do not. If they do not require money, do it. Just in case that place is the complex you decide on, or the apartment that you want is not available.
  • Once you have visited all of the places you like, set up certain pros and cons for each apartment. This way you will be able to easily decide what things you can live with, and what things you cannot live without.

Just make sure that you are prepared when you go to any appointment. Apartment complexes are trying to sell you into living there. They want to answer every question you have, so ask them. Finding a new place is a very exciting process so, have fun with it!

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