Attending College Close to Home

Even if you decide to attend a college that’s close to home, it will still be a huge adjustment. A lot of students make the mistake of thinking that adjusting to college life will be “easy.” Even though you may be familiar with the general area, the campus is a city in itself and you’ll have to adjust to it just like every other student.

You’ll be meeting tons of new people and making new friends, while still trying to keep in contact with your old friends who may be going to your same school or a different school that’s further away.

Below, I’ll provide 4 Tips for how to make the most out of Attending College Close to Home…

Tip #1 – Make New Friends. Since you are close to home, you might get caught in the habit of only hanging out with your old friends. However, in order to make the most out of your college experience, you have to branch out and meet new friends.

Tip #2 – Set Family Expectations.  Make sure you talk to your family about how much you plan to come home and when they can come and visit you on campus.  It’s important to set these expectations upfront so that they don’t show up at your dorm room unannounced or expect that you come home every weekend.

Tip #3 – Show People Around. You have the benefit of beings somewhat familiar with the area, while other students will have no idea about what to expect.  Take the time to show your new friends around, maybe take them to your favorite coffee shop or local restaurant.

Tip #4 – Bringing Friends Home. Before you decide to bring your roommate or another friend home for the holidays, make sure that you talk to your parents first.  Your parents will appreciate the heads up and your friend will be grateful for the invite, especially if he or she lives too far away to travel home for the holidays.

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