Avoid an Empty Wallet During College

College and money go hand in hand. One day we’re paying college tuition bills, the next we’re stocking up on groceries and toiletries, and the day after that we’re treating ourselves to a well-earned shopping spree.

It is a never-ending circle that can become vicious in a short amount of time if you are only emptying your bank account and not replenishing it. In which case, the old myth of “the broke college kid” comes true.

However, there are plenty of ways to avoid this (literally) poor outcome all together. Whether you are planning on living at home or staying on campus, you will want, if not need, to have some sort of money coming your way before, during and after your college career. Check out these helpful ideas to refrain from having vacant wallet, and feel financially secure throughout your college career.

Get a Job

I’ll keep the first one short and sweet. Look online and in newspaper ads. Go around from business to business either searching for help wanted signs or just asking if they are hiring. Odds are, with the more places you apply to, you have a better chance of landing a job. Downsides to off campus jobs can be low pay and cruddy hours, but hey, at least you making a few bucks instead of spending more than you have!

On Campus Jobs

Depending on where you are placed, on campus jobs can actually be pretty ideal for college students. Most colleges offer opportunities for work study, which basically can mean that you are getting paid to sit at a desk, and while performing the required duties at that desk (answer phones and/or questions for people), work on your homework. Although they can also be low paychecks, on campus jobs are great when it comes to fitting into your busy schedule, and don’t usually take up your entire day. You even have the possibility of gaining an on campus job through departments of the college that are geared towards your future career and help to build up your resume.

Housework and/or Babysitting

I have two words for you: no tax. Whether it is helping out your parents in your own house, or having a regular babysitting gig, this is an extremely quick way to get easy money, especially if you’re great with kids. Usually, you are getting the money up front as well, so you are not on a bi-weekly schedule waiting for money every two weeks. In my experience, having a history with babysitting and cleaning for houses even helped me to obtain a better paying job at a frozen yogurt shop since it showed, and I quote, “hard work ethic and compatibility with children.”

Paid Volunteer Work

Often times, in busy college areas, there are tons of events being held on a monthly basis. Where do you think these event planners gain needed help? From the poor college kids of course! Again, the work may be not necessarily ideal, but if you have a schedule that does not allow for a steady, paying job, this is another way that you can earn money fast. If the surrounding area by your college does not offer anything like this, check out if there is anything on campus that is looking for workers to help with certain events.

Utilize Your Summer

I can’t even begin to explain to you how important it is to utilize your summer breaks in (and before) college. While it is a wonderful opportunity to take classes and get needed credits out of the way, this is the perfect time to earn extra cash. Jobs are opening up left and right at the beginning of summer since they know students are home from college and are looking to work. I hate to say it, but the days of sitting around and enjoying the summer sun day after day are over; if you want to feel a bit of financial security before, during and after  your college career, it’s time to work for it.

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Jordan Johnson

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