Avoid Time Wasters: A Guide for Internet Addicted Students

So, you’ve got a massive test to study for, or a term paper that’s due tomorrow, and what are you doing? That’s right. You’re chatting on Facebook, checking your emails, playing games, and browsing Pinterest.

You had good intentions of starting your assignment hours ago, but somehow you were sucked in by the internet’s addictive glow. Sure, you’ve got the Word document open there somewhere in the background, but it’s not really doing you any good. We’ve all been there, though some of us perhaps more than others.

So how do you unplug yourself long enough to become productive? Use these time management tips and tricks to really get stuff done when the World Wide Wed is calling your name.

  • Change your password. If you have a huge project due in the morning and you just can’t seem to get off Tumblr, have one of your roommates or someone you trust change your password for you. That way, you won’t even be able to get on the site if you really wanted to. Make sure you ask someone who is strong willed, that way they don’t cave in and give you the password when you beg them. While this may be a bit extreme, it really is a good strategy if you can’t seem to keep your thoughts on your work.
  • Budget your time. If you’ve got a few hours to finish an assignment, but you know it won’t take you that long, don’t immediately sign on to all your social media sites. Do you work first! I know it doesn’t sound nearly as fun, but you’ll be able to enjoy yourself much more if you finish your project first. Or, if you have a few days to complete a task, but are worried that you’re going to waste too much time in cyberspace, set blocks of time aside for play. Or better yet, set goals. Finish a page of your paper? 20 minutes online coming your way. It may sound silly, but you really need to police yourself if you’re going to get stuff done.
  • Power it down. If you don’t need your computer/smartphone/tablet for the project or assignment you’re working on, then just turn it off! It isn’t going to do you any good sitting near you, glittering with temptation. It’s simply more intelligent to turn the thing off and put it away until you’ve finished with your work.
  • Remind yourself. If you find yourself forgetting what you’re really doing on your computer, write yourself a reminder on a sticky note and attach it to your computer monitor. That way, when your attention begins to wane, or when you catch yourself on a website not conducive for an educational atmosphere, all you have to do is look at the corner of your screen for a reminder of what you should be doing.
  • Clear your work space. While this doesn’t necessarily have to do with the internet, it’s still a useful tip. Clear your desk or wherever you’ll be working on your project of unnecessary clutter and distractions. You’ll fare better in the long run if you stash the magazines, snacks, and other gadgets your space may offer you. It’s also a good idea to work at a desk, as opposed to your bed or couch, to promote more productivity and less sleeping. If things really get bad, it might be a good idea to go to a different place, like a study room in the library, somewhere that will offer minimal distractions.
  • Get slapped in the face? If things really get bad, you could always do what this guy did, and hire a person on Craigslist to slap you in the face whenever you get off task! Now, this may be a really extreme way to handle this situation, but it’s an amusing solution. And consider, you’d really start getting stuff done if you were afraid of being hit!

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Elizabeth Benson

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