Be Fearless With Fashion In College

When starting college, a ton of new experiences are going to be brought upon you at any random time. College students love to be carefree and live in the moment; meaning change will happen, and often. One change many students like to experiment with is fashion, and how different styles define their always-changing lifestyle.

It’s typical to want to “reinvent” yourself before going to college so you can ditch whatever stereotypes you had in high school. Well, this really is the perfect time to do so. First impressions are largely based off of clothing; and with the number of new people you’ll be meeting those first couple weeks of school, you’re going to want to find a style that honestly defines you and your interests. There’s no point in hiding yourself by dressing in a way that isn’t you. If you’re living in a dorm, you’re now going to be living with all your friends 24/7, and the true sides of everyone always come out.

Living with all your friends has a major upside to fashion. Not only will there be a huge diversity of students with all different styles, but you can easily borrow clothes, too! This probably isn’t as common with boys, but girls love to swap pieces in their closet to perfect certain looks. I am lucky enough to live with three other girls and we all happen to be about the same size. This means we’re constantly raiding each other’s closets to put together outfits. No one is going to have the same exact style, so exploring other closets allows you to experiments with styles you may have been wanting to try, but didn’t want to buy in case you didn’t like it.

One thing I’ve realized about the friends I’ve made at college compared to high school ones is how much more accepting my college friends are of everything. High school students often feel a pressure to wear name brand clothing that’s always overpriced, even if they don’t really like it. It’s part of the need many students feel to be popular; but these needs seem to disappear in college. I love this because my budget to spend on clothes isn’t very big and I (like most college kids) can’t afford to shop at name brand stores all the time. Although in high school I would’ve been embarrassed to admit this, I’m no longer ashamed to say I shop at places like Goodwill. In fact, my friends and I go on Goodwill shopping trips together! It’s fun to go with friends, devouring the racks for the best finds at ridiculously cheap prices.

Whether you have a lot of money to spend on clothes or only a little, college is definitely the time to put your wildest outfit ideas out there and have no fear of what others are thinking. The less-judgmental atmosphere of a college campus allows students to be braver with their styles. On your way to class, treat the sidewalks like a runway by showing off your own styles and grabbing ideas from other fearless students.

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Jordyn Timpson

Jordyn Timpson

Jordyn Timpson is a junior at Michigan State University working towards her journalism degree with a specialization in documentary film. She designs and writes for a campus magazine and is a server at Bob Evans. When Jordyn has free time she likes to watch movies and her favorite show Breaking Bad, spend hours on tumblr, go on adventures with friends and travel.
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