Best Friends Don’t Make Good College Roommates

At first, living with your best friend from high school seems like a great idea. You already know you get along, so why play the roommate lottery and risk ending up with someone you don’t click with?

However, a lot of problems can come with rooming with your best friend.

You’ll miss out on new friendships

College is the time to challenge yourself to try new things. If you live with your best friend from high school, you won’t get the chance to really be independent when it counts the most.

Freshman year of college is a great time to meet new friends because everyone is in the same boat. Living with a new person can be an interesting and rewarding experience. Think of it this way: if you and your best friend both meet new people, you’ll have two new sets of friends.

You could get on each other’s nerves!

Things with your best friend from high school might be great now, but living in the same room for eight months is a recipe for disaster. No matter how much you like someone, you will bump heads if you live in such close quarters.

You’ll be together…ALL THE TIME

Living in a dorm is different than sharing an apartment with a best friend because you don’t have the option to lock yourself in your room. Whenever you’re in your dorm room, there will be no walls separating you and your friend.

The fact that you love spending time with this person is the reason that you’re friends in the first place, but too much of a good thing could be bad for your friendship. If you live separately, you’ll be able to see each other whenever you want but still have the option of retreating to your own places at the end of the day.

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