Best Majors in College: 3 Careers You Must Consider

In college, there is an abundant amount of majors you can choose from. Some student’s problems are not what to major in, but rather it’s the many great options they have! Colleges have so many majors and minors to offer that it can get overwhelming.

From personal experience, I have switched my major so many times because I want to do so much once I get out of college. I could go to school forever and get a bunch of degrees, but that’s not very realistic. So I have researched some of the best majors in college and the various career paths they offer. This list is not in any particular order.


Business is one of the best majors  in college for those who are leaders, whether someone is a natural born leader or learned to become one. This career path not only needs book smarts, but it also needs people smarts. A person would need to have great people skills as well as communication skills.

During college, you will study accounting, finance, marketing, economics, human resources, etc. teaching you how to budget, plan, control, and manage others. You also have to be creative and know what the people want because business is all about selling to others and making profits.

Some of the jobs you will be able to get with a business degree:

  • Accountant: $37,335 – $51,137
  • Banker: $29,736 – $42,969
  • Chief Financial Officer: $73,252 – $183,427
  • Human Resource Manager: $45,001 – $74,472


Nursing has always been on of the best majors in college. It is a well-paid, stable career and it is looking even better now that baby-boomers are aging. The demand for nurses has dramatically increased in the past few years. Nurses evaluate, diagnose, and treat health problems. Nursing majors study many health care subjects such as biology, anatomy, psychology, physiology, etc.

A student can get their registered nurse (R.N.) certification after two years of community college, which makes it easy and affordable for many students. However, a nurse with a bachelor’s degree usually has a higher salary, as well as more opportunities.

Some careers you can get with a nursing degree:

  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: $151,139 – $160,000
  • Nurse Practitioner: $85,296 – $99,104
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist: $83,007 – $98,590
  • Registered Nurse: $60,495 – $73,304


A psychology major is also one of the best majors in college because it has a variety of career options. Students can tweak their education and degree to focus on a certain specialty. When you major in psychology, you will not only learn a lot about others, but you will also learn a lot about yourself. You study why people behave in certain ways. You learn about emotions, the mind, actions, etc.

A psychology major can help you make a real difference in other people’s lives. People who study psychology devote their time and energy to helping people overcome their adversity, whether it is mental, physical, or something that the patient can’t control, and realize their full potential. People with psychology degrees will usually continue their studies outside of a bachelor and get their masters, or PhDs.

Some careers you can get with a psychology degree:

  • Clinical Psychologist: $50,977 – $75,954
  • Counseling Psychologist: $38,710 – $64,964
  • Forensic Psychologist: $53,500 – $79,075
  • School Psychologist: $38,710 – $64,964

These are just three of the best majors in college. This gives you a glimpse of what colleges have to offer. There are still so many majors that will open a variety of doors. In my next post, I will add some more to the list and put it in order of highest paying to least paying.

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