Can I Get Into Buffalo State College with a Low GPA?

A couple days ago, Trebor asked my opinion on the question below, and I wanted to share my response with all of you!

“I have a 2.4 GPA. What are my chances of getting into Buffalo State College? Should I even try?” – Trebor

According to the research I performed, the average GPA of admitted students at Buffalo State College in New York is 3.15. However, the school does admit 9% of students who have GPA’s between 2.0 and 2.49. Below is a breakdown of GPA’s by incoming freshmen:

3.75+ – 6%
3.5 – 3.74 – 12%
3.25 – 3.49 – 20%
3.00 – 3.24 – 29%
2.50 – 2.99 – 24%
2.00 – 2.49 – 9%

I’m encouraged by the fact that 24% of incoming freshman had GPA’s between 2.5 and 2.99, since your 2.4 GPA isn’t that far from a 2.5.

However, there are some additional factors that need to be considered. Like most colleges, Buffalo State rated GPA, rigor of secondary school record, and standardized test scores as the top 3 things considered during their admission decision.

While I don’t have your test scores or know the rigor of your school record, I can give you the average SAT scores for admitted freshman at Buffalo State:

Reading: 440-530
Math: 450-540
Writing: 430-520

The bottom line is that I’d definitely encourage you to apply. Based on GPA alone, this would be a reach school for you, however since I’m missing some key information I can’t fully weigh in on your chances of getting admitted. Perhaps your standardized test scores are well within the range of the admitted freshman, thereby increasing your chances.

Also, you should be sure to apply to a variety of schools (at least 5). One or two should be long-shots (or reach schools), two to three should be target schools, and one or two should be safety schools. (In this case, Buffalo State would be considered a reach school.

If you need more help researching schools, check out our blog post: 3 Ways To Quickly Research Colleges.

Best of luck Trebor and thanks so much for visiting our site! Now let’s see what others have to say…

Poll the audience: Do you have some advice for Trebor? Did you apply or know someone who applied to Buffalo State College? If so, we’d love to hear from you in our comments box below!

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4 Responses to “Can I Get Into Buffalo State College with a Low GPA?”

  • Trebor on November 13, 2012

    Hi. Thanks for answering but can you reply to my message again please? I actually have 26 college credits already so I’m a transfer. I have a 480 in math and 400 in reading. I’m applying as an english major to increase my chances because those are the classes where I did the best. EN 101 B- and EN 102 A-. I also have some work history that has to do with the major I chose. I have a recommendation letter from my english teacher and I have a personal essay. Do all of this increase or decrease my chances? please help. Thank you so much. I actually lowered my GPA because I took 6 classes in the summer semester. I explained this on my personal essay. Thanks again!

    note: by the way, I read in the that they also look at grades in courses related to major. that’s why I chose to go in as english major but I will then change it to business administration. should I also send them my SAT scores or will doing that hurt me?

    • Trebor on December 9, 2012

      Just wanted to let people know I just got accepted lol. I guess the small chance was enough for me. I know I got lucky but I will take advantage of this chance. I think it was my essay that actually made me stand out from everyone else that accepted me. It took me 15 days to write it but it was worth it. It was a bit controversial so that’s why I think they accepted me. Because I said what I wanted to say, not what they wanted to hear!

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