Career Advice For College Students

College is a huge stepping stone in a person’s life. Deciding upon where you want to go to college and doing well in college are two huge stressors.

The whole point of going to school is to get a career afterwards. Which brings me to talk about the one topic students are the most worried about, that is finding their future career.

Very few people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do with their lives before they start college. Many students change their major multiple times before they find the right one. It is a tough decision. After all, you are choosing what you want to do with the rest of your life, that is a big decision.

Instead of focusing on what major to choose think about your passions and what you are good at. Narrow down your talents into what you think you could do for a career. For example, if you like writing take a journalism class. If you enjoy music maybe try audio recording or music education.

If you are a college student or even a high school student struggling with choosing a college major, here is some career advice for college students to narrow down your career path search and help you maintain professionalism once you find your dream job.

Start building your resume

No matter what career path you choose, building your resume early on shows that you are naturally a hard worker. Even if you switch majors, any type of involvement will look good in an employers eyes. It is important to get involved in organizations on campus because this will further your knowledge into your career and then you will be able to see if the career you chose is right for you.


Being an intern is the perfect way to test your skills in your desired profession. You are able to immerse yourself in the setting and be able to do tasks that are expected of you in the actual entry level position. Internships allow you to gain experience and make connections. If you hate it, then that is perfectly fine. It is valuable information. You now know that this career is not the right one for you and it is still a terrific addition to your resume.

Go to your college’s career center

Be sure to make a visit to your college’s career center your first year. There you will find it is brimming with resources like mock interviews, resume workshops and advisors that will speak with you about choosing a career path. The best part is that it is free! Make sure to take advantage of it.

Maintain a professional demeanor

College is meant for finding yourself and having fun. However, you are there to better yourself by getting a job, your dream job. Many students make the mistakes of posting risque pictures of themselves on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Posting pictures of yourself drinking or doing illegal actions will put you at a high risk of not getting your dream job after graduation. Despite the mixed rumors, employers can easily go past your privacy guards on Facebook to look at your pictures, so be mindful of what you post.

With that said, be careful of what you say. Refrain from using bad grammar, pronunciation and slang online. Jobs are scarce and landing your dream job is hard to do. Whether you know what you want to do with the rest of your life or not it is important to remain somewhat professional in public, which means online too.

Define success on your own terms

Today there is an extreme high pressure to have luxurious items and be able to afford anything and everything. Everyone has their own idea of what success is. Success does not always mean money. If your dream job does not promise six figures that is OK. The important thing is to do what you love. Figure out what success means to you.

If success is getting your degree and opening up your own bakery in your hometown then that should be your goal and therefore when you achieve it you will feel successful. Do not set unrealistic, high pressure goals for yourself, especially if you really do not want to obtain them. You can set your own rules and you can control your future, so do what you love!

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