Cheap Spring Break Ideas for College Students

Spring break! You’ve been waiting for this time to come. You’re tired of all the homework, the tests, the lectures, and are ready for a nice long week break away from all of it.

No matter what, if you are a high school or a college student, you’re ready to have the best spring break that you will always remember.

But what if you are low on cash, don’t have a credit card and can’t afford to go somewhere expensive? Well, below I’ll provide you with some cheap spring break ideas for college students that you could do that are still fun and affordable.

1. Beaches

Head to the beach! You may not get to go to some beautiful white sandy beach on the islands of Mexico and party with all your friends, but you can still go somewhere with a beach. If you live somewhere along the coasts, whether its the east coast or west coast you can easily find a nice beach to go  have fun at. We know it’s not the same as being on the sandy beaches of Cancun or Cabo San Lucas but it will do and its free!!

2. Visit a Big City

Travel to a Big City! Taking a trip to a big city, whether it be New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas or even such a city as Seattle, you know you will have an amazing time no matter what. There are millions of different things you can do in just a few days when visiting a big city. Just search on TripAdvisor and I’m sure you’ll find a ton of things to do that’s different from the activities offered in your hometown. If you are from a big city, take a trip to a different one and see what’s there and what’s different. Each city has its own unique taste. Get out and explore.

3. Explore

Get out and explore! You could either go camping, hiking or even just take a road trip somewhere. All three of these are great and cheap spring break ideas. Spend your spring break outdoors and enjoy the nature. If you live near mountains, go take a hike and check out the trails nearby with some of your friends live. Or if you really like to be outdoors, go camping! It’s a great way to spend time outside if you like being outdoors. Pitch a tent, build a fire and just spend quality time with your friends or family without breaking the bank!

4. Go Home

Visit mom and dad! If you go to school far away, take a trip home and visit your friends and family. Not only will you enjoy seeing them, I’m sure they’ll be glad to see you too! There is nothing wrong with going home. You can catch up with everything going on, get some laundry done, perhaps borrow some money, and (of course) eat some good home cooked meals! Now that’s what I call a cheap spring break idea!

5. Volunteer 

Volunteering is another great cheap spring break idea for college students. I know it’s often overlooked and not the most exciting thing to do on your spring break, but it will make you feel better about helping others. Find somewhere around your campus that you could volunteer at and help out with community service. Maybe you can even convince your friends to go with you!

If you aren’t able to get away on your spring break because of money issues, look back at these five different cheap spring break ideas for college students and choose one! With any one these spring break alternatives, you’re guaranteed to still have a great spring break. Make the best of it because before you know it,  it’ll be back to all the school work in just a few days.

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Cayla Gorsh

Cayla Gorsh

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