Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Apartment

My roommates and I rarely leave our apartment. No, we aren’t losers who have nothing to do; we just really enjoy our apartment.

It feels like home to us and when people come over they feel at home too.

I wouldn’t say that it’s our mere company that makes people feel at home, (although that probably has something to do with it too), it’s the fact that our apartment is decorated.

There are two big things that make immediately make your apartment feel like a home, and a bunch of optional little things.

#1 – Wall Art

There is nothing more boring in an apartment than empty white walls. So fill them up! There are so many ways you can cover your walls on a budget.

DIY pictures: When I was decorating my room, I realized how boring and cold four white walls felt. Since I’m on a tight budget I knew that a $50 painting was out of the question. So, I went onto good old Pinterest and found something called toilet paper roll art. It didn’t take a long time, it was ridiculously cheap since I was just recycling empty toilet paper rolls, and it was a one-of-a-kind piece of art! There are so many easy “do it yourself” pictures or wall art for cheap on Pinterest so don’t worry if you’re decorating on a budget.

Mirrors: Mirrors are a great go-to wall filler. I’m not saying to cover every inch of your walls with mirrors, unless you enjoy the whole carnival fun-house thing, but a couple decorative mirrors dispersed throughout your apartment really adds class and dimension to your apartment.

Paint: More often than not, landlords will allow you to paint your walls. If you’re planning on staying in your apartment for the next few years of college, why not paint them? It’ll add some life to your four white walls.

If you’re still having trouble finding cheap wall art you should try stopping by a few garage sales, the majority of our apartment decorations and furniture came from garage sales for so cheap!

If you find something at a garage sale that you like but the price is still a bit outrageous, you can talk to the owners and see if they are willing to drop the price a little. It’s amazing what you can find at garage sales.

#2 – Curtains

Curtains are often overlooked when it comes to college apartments, students will look at the mini-blinds that come with the place and think that it’s enough. But curtains really add a homey, cozy touch to any apartment.

You can find curtains for cheap at basically any home-goods store; and you don’t need to get the most expensive set of curtains you can find, you don’t even need to get a fancy fabric. Seriously, any kind of curtain will do wonders for the ambience of your apartment.

Just those two big things will automatically turn your plain boring apartment into a cozy little home. But there are also a few small items you can get that can contribute a lot to the feel of your apartment.

Small Items, Big Impact

Picture Frames: Pictures in stand-up frames add a lot of personality to your apartment; my apartment has at least two picture frames in every room. And come on, frames are really cheap.

Potpourri: Before moving into my own apartment, I always associated potpourri with old ladies and tea, I honestly don’t know why. But one day I was in a decorative mood and wandered over to World Market. There was this “Asian Pear” potpourri and the scent was intoxicating! So I bought it and dumped it in a couple bowls and vases. Like candles, bowls or vases of potpourri make great center pieces or accents to end tables and coffee tables. And it’s cheap!

Mod Podge Jars: Mod Podge + Super Fine Glitter = Magic. I have mod podge glittered jars, empty candle cups, wine bottles, wine glasses and coasters. I just can’t stop! But these little glittered works of art can go anywhere. You can pick up jars and vases from the dollar store, or just recycle your wine bottles and candle jars.

 photo 9a1c1a6d-d5cb-4b17-ae08-65999ea174be_zps056d83a0.jpg

Candles: I seriously can’t get enough candles! If you’re nervous to burn candles in your apartment then you can still use them as a decoration. Pillar candles look really nice and make great center pieces for coffee tables or end tables

If you still want your apartment to smell good but are afraid of spilling wax or burning the place down, then invest in a couple of glade plug-ins or air-wicks, they’re inconspicuous but keep your apartment smelling great.

“Home is where the heart is” 

You don’t need to get all crazy and hire an interior designer, or make your apartment look like it belongs on the cover of a Pier 1 catalog.

There are so many cheap and easy ways to turn your apartment into a place that you want to spend your free time in. My roommates and I love being in our apartment because it really does feel like a home.

We’ve invested time and a very little amount of money into decorating our little place. And if you do too, your apartment will be a place that you will never want to leave.

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Bryanna Maty

Bryanna Maty

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