Christmas Gifts Every College Bound Student Should Ask For

We know how much you enjoy those odd Christmas sweaters you receive from your grandma during the holidays, but why not ask for a few gifts that you can put to good use during your first year at college?

Check your list twice to make sure you’ve included these great items that every college-bound student should have!

Campus Bookstore Gift Card

Students spend hundreds of dollars each semester on books alone. Why not try to reduce your book expenses by asking for a gift card to your university’s bookstore? Many bookstores also contain university gear and school supplies for you to purchase as well.

Shower Caddy with Supplies

Whether your accommodations contain a community bathroom or suite bathroom, shower caddies are a must. Caddies help to keep your personal items from getting mixed up with other resident’s items and are easy to transport. A great gift to ask for is a caddy including all of your shower essentials. Towels make a great gift as well!

Print Cartridges and Paper

Some universities charge you per page for on-campus printing. I unfortunately made the mistake of not bringing a printer to school during my first semester and ended up paying quite a hefty price on printing fees.If your university charges for printing, ask for print cartridges and paper!

Make sure you have a printer before asking for cartridges. You will run out of these supplies faster than you think with all of the notes and assignments you may be required to print.

Laundry Gift Set

For some, the thought of having to do their own laundry sounds nearly impossible. I mean who doesn’t like a fresh pile of clothes neatly folded by their mother? If you hate doing laundry, avoid the step of having to shop for supplies by asking for a laundry gift set.

A hamper, detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, and a few rolls of quarters are a few simple items that you won’t have to worry about purchasing before move-in day.

Dorm Supplies Gift Card

While the majority of stores don’t begin carrying dorm room supplies until summer, there is no harm in asking for gift cards during the season of giving!

Some stores with great dorm room collections include Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and other home goods stores. Gift cards are always a great way to cut costs on college necessities.

If you are still unsure of your college plans this December, money that you can put towards your tuition is always a great gift to ask for.

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