How To Nail Your College Admission Essay

Are you in the process of writing your college admission essay, but don’t know where to start?

Applying for college can be a stressful process, but if you break it up into small steps, it will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

College Admission Essay Tips

Here are a couple tips you can use when tackling your college admission essay.

Make sure you understand the college essay prompt

For every college admission essay you write in the college admissions process, whether it be for the common application or an application for a specific college or university, make sure you understand the college essay prompt.

By truly understanding what the question is asking, you won’t have to worry about missing one of the key aspects that the admissions staff is looking for. If you answer the question thoroughly, you will be one step closer to admission.

Sell Yourself

While writing your college admission essay, be sure to make it your own. Most of the common questions ask you to elaborate on social, work, and other school achievements that would solidify you as a qualified candidate.

This is your opportunity to “toot your own horn!” Tell the admissions staff what you have learned from your high school experiences, how having these certain experiences have changed your point of view in various areas of your life, and how you can have a positive impact on their campus. Don’t miss this opportunity to set your college admission essay apart from all the other applicants!

Personalize your College Admission Essay

Be personable and speak from the heart. You will be surprised at how far this will get you in the eyes of the admissions staff. By personalizing your college admission essay, you’re opening up and allowing the admissions staff to get to know you better than just the numbers and statistics.

Less is More

Remember, less is more.

If you elaborate on one momentous experience (instead of several) in your college admission essay  and show the reader how you were affected by it, the honesty in your writing will be much more persuasive.

The idea is to show the admissions staff why you should be accepted, rather than just telling them. Writing too much fluff in your college admission essay will only frustrate your reader.

Read it, Read it again, and Re-read it for a third time

Proofreading is a vital step in writing any type of essay, blog, article, or even novel; this step is even more important when you write your college admission essay.

Not only do you catch all the little mistakes you made, it also helps you understand your writing piece in a deeper sense, which ultimately allows you to perfect it in ways you never thought imaginable.

Ask a friend, parent or teacher to read it over with you.

By having a third-party review your work, it opens the space up for necessary discussion about your college admission essay.

If you are challenged by another individual to answer why you wrote something, you are more inclined to convey your thoughts in a much more comprehensive way. It’s simple. The more precise your writing is, the better your writing is.

Now take these few tips and go write a compelling college admission essay!

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