College Safety: 4 Campus Safety Tips

It’s been said that your college years are supposed to be the best of your life. So, why not live up to that expectation and make it the best it can be.

Be adventurous, take risks, gain experience and take in as much knowledge as you possibly can.

However, even with all this knowledge, adventuring and risk-taking, don’t forget to keep college campus safety in mind. Safety is always of the upmost importance. Never forget that. It doesn’t matter where you go to school, who you know, where you walk or what you do. Every student must take college campus safety precautions at their school no matter what.

Now, I definitely don’t want to seem as if I’m reprimanding you. Think of it more as just a friendly reminder of how important it is to keep yourself happy and healthy.

Take with you these 4 basic campus safety tips at school. They are easy to remember and I promise they will not get in the way of your various escapades and hard work.

 1. Different Kinds of Campuses, Same Amount of Danger

College campus safety is important no matter where you go to school. It does’t matter if your college is in an urban area with a city and strangers all around you or if you’re in a more private closed campus in the middle of nowhere, be on your guard. It’s always possible for strangers, and dangerous strangers at that, to trespass onto the grounds of your university.

Be very aware of your surroundings at all times and know where you are and be sure of who you’re talking to. Of course, you shouldn’t just dismiss anyone you bump into right away. All I’m suggesting is for you to keep your eyes peeled and your mind open to all the many possibilities that college grounds may pose.

2. Lock Everything

Living in a dorm this year? A house? An off-campus apartment? Commuting? Well, wherever you’re living for the year be cautious of your belongings. Never think it’s okay if you leave your apartment or dorm room unlocked “just this one time” because that “time” may just be the one where you actually get robbed or burgled.

School supplies are expensive, especially laptops. You never want to lose something precious to you just because you got a little careless. Why take the chance? If you intend you keep everything you came with, take this college campus safety tip to heart and lock it up!

3. Buddy system? Yep, it’s still needed in college!

Perhaps you haven’t used the “buddy system” in years, maybe not even since you went to day camp when you were 7 years old, but I’m telling you that times have not changed. Never walk or go anywhere unfamiliar without a friend. You especially don’t want to wander anywhere alone at night. It’s always a smart idea to have a friend with you or even several friends with you! The more, the merrier! You’ll be safer, less vulnerable and I bet you anything it will just make the walk more fun.

More importantly, if you are going somewhere with friends, make sure it isn’t somewhere you’d want to leave early by yourself. If you’re going somewhere together, make sure you leave together. In addition to all this, never go anywhere or do anything that you’re uncomfortable with, even with friends. Go with your gut. College campus safety is all about being smart; if you have a bad feeling about something, don’t do it.

4. Safety in Numbers

Make sure you’ve written down all of the emergency numbers your school gave  to you at the beginning of the year. I’m sure you have it somewhere in the back of your desk drawer. Those numbers are so important to have whether it be the campus police, town/city police or an ambulance, have them on speed dial or an easy-to-find contact in your cell-phone.

The common phrase, “It won’t happen to me” is a mindset that definitely must be avoided when we’re talking college campus safety. We are at an age where we pretty much feel invincible and almost immortal; we know in our minds that we’re young with our whole lives ahead of us. This syndrome is very dangerous because it causes us to not make as many precautions as we should. You never know what may happen day to day. Never live day to day in fear. Just keep emergency numbers on hand as well as ICE (In case of emergency) contacts on speed dial such as your Mom, Dad, sibling, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. It’s always a comfort to know that help is just a few numbers away.

You’ve come to college to learn and to get out of it the best experience that you can. Don’t waste that opportunity by being careless and naive to college campus safety. Be safe, be happy and be healthy. Never let any small unfortunate happening ruin your time at school because you don’t deserve that. You’re smart and awesome and hopefully these 4 campus safety tips will translate to the kind of college experience that reflects that.

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