College Dorm Tips

Getting ready for dorm life can be one of the most intimidating and exciting parts of preparing for college.

As an incoming freshman, I had a hard time fathoming what it would be like to leave my home to share a room with a complete stranger.

I was nervous about how I would adjust to living in what seemed like an impossibly small space.

Despite my concerns, I had a great two years in the dorms. As a senior with only a few months left before graduation, I often reflect back on how much I sometimes miss living in the dorms.

However like many things, what you get out of your dorm experience is determined by the choices you make. In this video, I’ll offer up some dorm room Do’s and Don’ts. Set-up, organization, and decoration, are only a few factors that can determine whether or not you have a love or hate relationship with your dorm room.

This video will help teach you college dorm tips surrounding the importance of storage, how to utilize space, and how to keep your room a great place to sleep, study, or just hang out. It will also show you how to avoid a cramped, cluttered room.

With a little planning and ingenuity, that experience of sharing a tiny room can end up being one of your best college memories.

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Emily Margosian

Emily Margosian

Emily Margosian is a senior at Augustana College, and is pursuing degrees in Political Science and Multimedia Journalism. She currently reports for her campus newspaper, The Augustana Observer, in addition to serving as sustainability co-chair within her sorority. When not participating in activities on campus, Emily enjoys searching for new recipes to experiment with. She hopes to one day do public relations work for art-based non-profit organizations
Emily Margosian

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