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Preparing college essays can be a real pain.  However, they are an important part of the college admissions process.  In this post, I’ll provide you with college essay help, so that you can get accepted into the college of your choice.

Tip #1 – It’s A Story…

You should think of your college essay as a story.  What does this mean?  Good question.  This means that you have to make your college essay interesting.  The absolute worst thing you can do is bore the admissions committee.  Yes, you are expected to discuss your life experiences and academic achievements, but you have to do this in a way that is unique.

Tip #2 – Be Specific

This is your time to give all the details.  If you were an excellent senior class president, then you have to back it up with specifics.  What exactly did you do that was so great?  What overall impact did you make on the school?

Tip #3 – Find an Angle

What’s an angle?  This basically means that the details you provide have to fit in with your overall story line.  For example, it would make sense if during your time as senior class president, you discovered your love for political science.  However, it wouldn’t make sense if you talked about your love for theatre throughout the entire essay, when you’re actually applying to the school of engineering.  Make sense?

Tip #4 – The Introduction

Spend quite a bit of time on the opening paragraph.  Remember, this is where you will either grab the reader’s attention or lose it completely.  The opening paragraph also sets the stage for the remainder of the essay.

Tip #5 – Demonstrate Knowledge

If you are applying to a particular college program, i.e. the education or engineering program, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your knowledge about that particular field or a related profession.  You can even incorporate how you obtained this knowledge…maybe you read books, went on a job shadow, or simply had conversations with people in that specific field.

Tip #6 – Avoid Some Topics

It’s best to just avoid some topics altogether in your college essays.  For example, mentioning topics revolving around religion, sexual orientation, or political issues is probably not a good idea.  In addition, references to accomplishments that took place prior to high school aren’t really relevant.

Tip #7 – Do Your Research

Make sure you have adequately researched the school you’re applying to and can explain why you want to attend this school as opposed to another.  For example, if this particular school has the best accountancy program in the U.S., then you might want to mention this as something that differentiates the school from other universities.

Tip #8 – Write Well

Make sure your essay is well written.  You should have several people proofread your essay before you submit it.  Make sure that you are expressing yourself clearly and concisely.  College admissions officers always say that well written, error-free essays are very important.  Also, do not exceed the page or word count limits.

Tip #9 – Go Beyond the Obvious

Don’t just state that you want to major in pre-med because you like helping others and did well in AP Biology.  Yes, these are both good reasons to pursue a career in medicine, but they are also very common.  Try coming up with something a little more compelling and original; something that will set you apart from all the other applicants.

I hope these college essay help tips have given you more insight into what the college admissions officers are looking for when they read your college essays.

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