College Fashion: 4 Ways To Look Great and Stay Warm

Now that the temperatures have been hanging out near the bottom of the thermostat, our regular “going out” outfits are now hanging out near the back of our closets.

There’s no way you’ll find me out in the cold rockin’ a LBD (little black dress) and some sassy heels during the dead of winter. I’m not saying that you need to dress in a snowsuit, there are still ways to look great and stay warm without being bundled up like an Eskimo.


Skirts and dresses are the most common thing to wear when you’re out hitting the town with your lady-friends and you can still wear a skirt or short dress during the winter, but do your legs a favor and give them some protection. Invest in some tights or leggings; you can get them at practically every retail store for around $10.

If you want to get all fancy you can buy different colors or different designs, not only do tights and leggings add a nice accessory to your outfit, but they protect your legs from turning into Popsicle sticks.


When I think of winter-wear, I always think of boots. Tall boots, short boots, leather boots, suede boots, brown boots or black boots…you have an unlimited amount of options for boots. What’s so good about wearing them when you’re going out is that they can cover up to half of your legs AND they’re typically easier to walk in than heels!

Of course you can also get heeled boots as well if you really want the extra height. Between wearing leggings or tights with boots, your legs will stay warm and covered. If you need some extra warmth even with the boots and tights, throw some long socks on too, your legs will stay really warm then.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out and seen girls standing in the corner shivering, with bare sleeves that are showing off goose-bumps the size of bug-bites. Layer your clothes ladies and wear a long sleeve shirt!

A common mistake that girls make is leaving their jackets at home because they don’t want to carry it around. You don’t need to wear your snow-jacket out, just bring a light jacket or a cardigan. You’ll appreciate the layers. A really good long sleeve layer to wear is a blazer. It looks nice and dressy, but it covers your arms! You can also wear a warm long-sleeve sweater and skip the cardigan or blazer altogether.


Right now Forever 21, Target, Gap, Express and every other retail store is stocked full of cute winter accessories. Hats, scarfs, mittens, and they’re all adorable!During the summer everyone is all about wearing less since it’s so hot, well during the winter we should be wearing more since it’s so darn cold!

Take advantage of the season, when you’re going out throw on a scarf. If you’re going to be outside for a long time bundle up enough, wear gloves and a hat, you’ll look cute and cozy but most of all, you’ll be warm.

Tis the Season

There is a reason for every season. Tanks tops, shorts, skirts and sundresses are perfect for the spring and summer, but in the winter when it’s cold enough to see your breath, dress for the weather. You can still wear your skirts and dresses but remember it isn’t summertime.

Take advantage of the winter months, give your body a break and cover it up! I’m not telling you to bundle up like a little snow bunny, although is some areas of the country you definitely should bundle up a little more.

The most important thing is that you don’t get sick, because that will definitely put a damper on your fun. Ladies, before you go out, make sure you check the weather and find out just how cold it’s going to be, then dress for the weather, it’s also perfectly fine to wear jeans out!

You will still look cute and have a good time even if you’re wearing five layers because once you’re out, if you’re warm you can always take off a layer, but if you’re only wearing one layer you aren’t going to have anything to add when you’re cold.

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Bryanna Maty

Bryanna Maty

Bryanna Maty is a Senior at the University of California, Davis. After graduating in June she hopes to find or invent a career that will utilize her love for writing, spending money and making people laugh. In her spare time you can find her crafting things off of Pinterest, swimming, line-dancing or watching re-runs of “Friends.”