College Freshman Checklist

You’re Only a Freshman Once. So instead of YOLO it’s YOFO.

Freshman year is important because that’s really the year to lay the groundwork for the rest of your college career, academically and socially. It does affect the rest of your four years at college.

So, here are some things you should do in your freshman year to make the ensure an awesome four years:

Get Involved

Try everything! Experiment with different activities on campus. Now is the time to figure out what you like and don’t like.

Go out and try and see if a fraternity/sorority is your thing. If not, then don’t rush/pledge. If frat/sorority life is your thing, then now is the time to figure out which frat/sorority is right for you so you can enjoy every minute of that life for all four years.

The same goes with various clubs and campus activities, like working for the college newspaper. Getting involved with these things early allows you to work your up and become the top dog, whether that’s editor-in-chief or club president.

Not to mention it’s also a good way to meet new people, which is never a bad thing. You never know, you could meet someone who could be your best friend for the rest of your life or someone who will eventually help you get your dream job.

Dorm Life

Definitely be involved in the dorm experience in your freshman year. Yes, you will have to stomach the gross dorm food, which sucks. You will also have zero space, which also sucks. But it’s worth it.

Because you meet SO many new people in the dorms and it’s super easy to hang out with someone. The dorms are very social and you have to be cooped up in your room all day to have not met someone new during your time in the dorms.

After freshman year, when you have to live either in on-campus apartment housing or off-campus, it’s not nearly as social. So take advantage of it when you can.

Be Close With Your Roommates

I’ve already detailed how you can annoy your roommates. (which I don’t recommend doing). But you should try and make an effort to become good friends with your roommates. If your personalities just aren’t a good fit, then it’s not a good fit but at least try.

Your roommates a perfect way to start having a consistent hangout group at your school. They’re also very likely to become your best buddies for life.

It also just makes life all the more enjoyable if you enjoy going back to your dorm room to be able to chill with your roommates.


Explore the surrounding area! Go downtown, go camping, hiking etc.

This is perfect the thing to do to hangout and bond with friends. Hopefully if you’ve picked a college with a surrounding area that has a lot to do so you can go out and enjoy life.

Freshman year is the perfect to do this because freshman year is when you will have the most free time, so take advantage of it. Also, by exploring the surrounding area now, you will be experts on it by the time you’re in your final year at college.

Look for Work

I know this might not sound fun, but since you’ll be a poor college student, you’ll want a job on-campus or off-campus to help get some extra spending money to help enjoy your time in college.

Again, freshman year is the best time to do this since you’ll have the most free time in your freshman year. I wouldn’t recommend getting a job in your first/quarter semester as a freshman, but certainly the next one would be good.

Not only do you get extra spending money, but you also gain work skills that help you move up and get a better job.

Follow this checklist, and you’ll have an awesome freshman year as well as an awesome next four years!

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