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Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of careers and associated traits of individuals in that particular career field, along with some helpful resources near the bottom of the page.

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Business – Accounting, Finance, Economics

  • I enjoy analyzing and interpreting financial data
  • I love working with numbers and detailed information
  • I like to work under pressure to meet deadlines

Business – Sales, Marketing, Advertising

  • I enjoy public speaking and giving presentations
  • I like to make displays and promote ideas
  • I can persuade people to buy products or participate in activities

Communications, Journalism, English

  • I love to read and research current events
  • I like creating reports and communicating ideas
  • I love writing and I’m good at it

Computer Science

  • I’m really good with computers
  • I like learning how computer software and applications work
  • I’m interested in computer programming

Criminal Justice

  • I respect rules and regulations
  • I would like to be in a position of authority
  • I respond quickly and calmly during emergencies


  • I like being in a school environment
  • I like helping others with their homework
  • I like teaching and instructing others

Exercise Science, Sports Management

  • I enjoy learning about nutrition and fitness
  • I would like to help others recover from athletic injuries
  • I like to stay fit and active

Foreign Language

  • I enjoy watching foreign films or reading foreign books and newspapers
  • I find different languages and cultures appealing
  • I would travel to a foreign country to study another language

History, Geography

  • I enjoy studying different cultures, regions, or time-periods
  • I know a lot of historical facts about other nations or cultures
  • I love learning about other cultures or groups of people

Medical Fields, Nursing

  • I enjoy health and science
  • I would enjoy working in a hospital or other medical setting
  • I like taking care of sick people or animals

Political Science, Law

  • I love government and politics
  • I find law fascinating
  • I like to negotiate, defend, and debate ideas and topics

Psychology, Sociology

  • I like helping people overcome problems
  • I like to observe and analyze human behavior
  • I understand people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions really well

Religious Studies, Philosophy

  • I love learning about different religions and cultures
  • I like learning about people’s spiritual and social needs
  • I enjoy learning about the practices, guidelines and doctrine of one’s faith

Science, Math, Engineering

  • I like advanced math and science
  • I like statistics, crunching numbers, and interpreting formulas
  • I love science experiments, working in labs, and performing research

Visual and Performing Arts

  • I am very creative and artistic
  • I love singing, dancing, or acting
  • I enjoy painting, drawing, photography or ceramics

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