College Minors: Four Reasons Why You Should Get One

So you’ve entered college, you’ve declared your major and everything’s dandy. But have you ever looked into getting a minor?

Even if you’ve never considered getting a minor, here are four reasons why you should!

      • Resume Booster

Picture this: You’ve graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree and you begin to update your resume saying so. Wouldn’t it be cool to also add that you have a minor in addition to your major? The answer your looking for is yes.

Employers like to see that you have experience in whatever job you’re applying for and if you have an additional minor that pertains to the position, more power to you! It can also possibly put you ahead of other competing applicants. With the way the job market is these days, getting a minor won’t hurt.

  • Expand your knowledge

If you’re really serious about getting a minor, look into the minors offered at your university. Minors such as Spanish, business, and communication studies are great. A Spanish minor will show your prospective employers that you have knowledge of another language and are (hopefully) bilingual. And you can’t go wrong with a business minor. A communications studies minor is also a great minor since chances are, you’ll be communicating with other people in your future career.

No matter what minor you may choose, make sure it’s something you find interesting and that will boost your education and future professional career. If you think it will help land the job of your dreams, do it!

        • It Can Be Easy to Tack On

Many majors require you to take a certain number of upper and lower division electives. This is the perfect opportunity to tack on a minor! You’ll be taking electives to fill this requirement anyway, so you might as well work toward a minor.

I recently met with my advisor and found out that I had a certain number of elective units left to fill — the perfect opportunity to tack on a minor!

There’s a minor that I’ve been interested in so I recently looked up information on it. Come to find out, my major classes meet most of the required courses so all I need to take is three classes to get the minor. Yes, that’s right, three classes! Now, this won’t happen with every minor since each one has its different requirements and the classes you might need might not be offered the quarters you want them but that’s no reason to get discouraged.

When looking into getting a minor, check the required courses. You may find that it’s really easy to add to your schedule!

If you’re an upperclassman and decide you want a minor after all, make sure the required courses for the minor are going to be offered before you graduate.

        • Explore your interests

Decided to major in mathematics but have always loved to dance or have taken an interest in history? Picking up a minor can be a great opportunity to take classes for a minor that maybe you decided against for a major. Maybe you don’t want to teach dance and therefore major in it, but if you’re interested in the subject matter then great! And if you can find a way to tie it into your major, even better! Many journalism students at my university, like myself, often look into graphic communication, English or the minor I’m doing, media arts and technologies.

Do some research and choose a minor you’ll enjoy. Picking up a minor (or two) are not only resume boosters, but they’ll help you fill up elective requirements and give you knowledge in a field outside of your major.

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