College Packing List for Girls

Let me just start off by saying how helpful it is to create a list when packing for college. Once you start to take it all in and realize just how much you need to pack, it starts getting a little stressful.

To lighten the burden, I definitely suggest making a college packing list (for girls especially)!

Now the thing with making a college packing list is that it definitely differs depending if you’re a boy or a girl. As a girl, I definitely can give advice to my fellow ladies on what to pack!

There’s certainly a lot to consider when packing to go away for about a year and we girls have certain needs! To save you time on making an entire list and thinking about the special extras I’ve created a college list: girls edition!

It’s a regular college list with the average student’s needs in addition to the items only girls would need.

Guys, if you’re reading this post, I would probably stop now…we may be getting into some uncomfortable territory, lol!

 College Packing List For Girls:



_duvet cover


_throw pillows






_socks (knee, thigh and ankle and foot socks)





_yoga pants

_sweat pants




_sports bras

_sofee shorts




_pants, jeans


_pajama shorts/boxers

_pajama pants

_pajama t-shirts and tank tops


_sleep shirt





_boots (short boots, long boots, rainbows)

_heels (low heels, high heels, open toe, closed toe)













_makeup bag


_elastic bands

_hair clips

_hair pins


_earrings (studs, dangly)

_necklaces (long, short)








_baby powder

_face moisturizer


_makeup bag


_makeup remover

_face wash

_body wash

_acne creme

_anti-biotic creme





_towels (big, hand towels, face towels)

_towel robe


_Summer’s Eve


_razor blades


_hair spray

_de-frizz product

_personal hair product



_any extra shampoo and conditioner




_toenail clipper


_toiletry case


_mini hairbrush (for purse)




_gym bag

_water bottle

_reading books

_book list

_tea and coffee mugs

_nail polish

_nail polish remover

_nail file





_ipod cord

_macbook laptop

_macbook charger

_laptop case

_cell phone

_cell phone charger

_cell phone memory chip


_camera case

_camera charger

_blank CDs





_peanut butter

_olive oil and canola oil

_salt and pepper

_pam (butter flavor)

_smart balance (butter substitution)

_better than eggs (the faux eggs)

_toilet rolls

_paper towels

_cleaning fluids

_laundry detergent

_dishwasher detergent and fluid

_ziplock baggies (small and large)




_fruit (bananas, peaches, apples)

_tissue boxes

_soap dish

_toothbrush holder



_letter paper

_lined paper

_printer paper

Just keep in mind that while boys and girls are different, every individual is also different and has individual needs.

So, if you have anything particular that you want to bring such as a favorite poster, candles, or that teddy bear you sleep with every night don’t forget to add those to your list!

If I have forgotten about anything you ladies need in particular then I certainly apologize but I think you’ll find this to be a thorough college packing list for girls!

To make it really simple for yourself, feel free to print out this list when getting ready to pack for college and then I promise that you’ll find the whole process to be much easier and much less stressful!

To all college-bound girls, I wish you a stress-free packing adventure as well as a rewarding experience in college!

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