College Quizzes

college quizzesSelecting the right college can be down right intimidating!

Choosing a major, evaluating tuition costs, picking college roommates, moving in the dorms, getting involved in extracurriculars, reviewing study abroad programs, and so much more all factor into a decision that could affect the rest of your life!

Below you’ll find a list of FREE college quizzes designed to help you narrow down the options!

College Major Quiz

Our college major quiz is designed to help you think through all of the careers that are available to you, as well as your own personality traits and how they may or may not fit well within different areas of study.

Personality Test

Our personality test is geared towards helping you figure out what kind of person you are. You’ll explore everything from what you enjoy to what your friends might say about you in a given situation to determine what kind of personality you possess.

College Roommate Finder

Not sure what type of college roommate would best suit you? Have some fun and take our college roommate finder quiz to find out if you’re ‘the partier’, ‘the germ’, ‘the quiet kid’, ‘the flirt’, ‘the early bird’, or ‘the neat freak’!

**More quizzes will be added weekly!