College Safety: How To Be Safe At School

College Safety: you might not consider it all the time, but it’s something your parents are always concerned about. Never leave your doors unlocked. Never walk alone at night. Never leave your drink unattended. How many times have your parents said one or all of these phrases to you? Whether a million times or none, these are all college safety tips that society has pounded into our brains over time.

Safety plays a much larger role in college than ever before–this is the first time parent’s house rules no longer have to be abided, despite that they were created to keep you safe. And although these sayings typically go in one ear and out the other, it’s important to keep these three college safety rules at the forefront of your mind 24/7.

3 College Safety Tips

  • Never leave your doors unlocked

For most students,  college is the first time away from home and living on their own. This means you are responsible for making sure your dorm room or apartment is locked safe and sound every night. Sounds easy enough, right? Believe or not, it’s sometimes harder to remember than you’d think. If you’re running late for class and sprinting to catch the bus, locking the door is probably the last thing on your mind at the time. But taking that extra five seconds to lock the door is an extremely important college safety tip.

Campus break-ins occur everywhere on campus, at any time of day, and for all reasons. You can never be certain if someone is breaking in to steal something or there to hurt you, so be overly cautious about this college safety tip. Lock the door when you’re in the room and when you leave, and don’t forget to check the locks on windows. And if you live with someone else, make sure they realize how important this college safety rule is too.

  • Never walk alone at night

It doesn’t matter if you attend a small private school where you know everyone or a university of thousands, one thing never changes–walking alone at night isn’t an option. This is one of the riskiest situations college students put themselves in daily. Even if the distance from Point A to Point B is only a five minute walk, a lot can happen in that small amount of time. All sidewalks and paths should be fully lit for students walking in the dark, but there will always be locations where people can disguise easily between trees and buildings, jeopardizing college safety.

At the library late by yourself? Find out if they have a program where workers walk students back to their dorms. The library at my school has employees solely designated for safely accompanying students walking alone on campus. Check out the different night services your school offers before arriving. Although finding someone to walk with should be the first option, it won’t always be so remember these few college safety tips:

    • Stay in the most-lit areas,
    • Walk with keys between your fingers,
    • Bring pepper spray (looks intimidating to predators!),
    • Don’t be distracted by your phone or iPod, and
    • Take routes you’re most familiar with.
  • Never leave your drink unattended

Whether you’re 21 or not, it’s inevitable that drinking happens in college at all ages. A major college safety concern students should have when drinking is making sure nothing foreign gets put in your drink. Students every year are sexually assaulted as a result of getting drugged (ever heard of the date-rape drug?), and it happens to both females and males. At a party, always keep your cup in your own hands and pour everything yourself.

Another good college safety tip is going to parties where you know everyone. Being drugged can happen anywhere and anytime, but it’s less likely if it’s a party of just your friends rather than a bunch of random people.

After hearing this time after time, these college safety tips starts to just become common sense. But when you’re in a rush or drinking, college safety isn’t always the first thing on your mind. So be cautious at all times and practice these three college safety tips until they become habit.

College is supposed to be some of the best years of your life, so make sure they are by being cautious of your college safety first.

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