College Social Life: Making The Most Of A Night In

Let’s face it. College is not all parties, nights of blurred memories and laughable mistakes. At times, the best night is one spent indoors with a small group of friends. While this may sound lame, there are a multitude of activities that can be done in a dorm. Plus, you will only become closer to your friends and learn more about them in the process. University housing is designed to give students an alternative to the party scene on campus, and I am here to give you a few extra ideas for those slow weekend nights.

Bust out the DVDs for a good old-fashioned movie night!

In my dorm, my group of friends gather in the quad room (a room populated by four students, which are generally much bigger than regular rooms) on our floor and watch a movie together every Friday night. Honestly, I don’t know how I would survive without getting my movie fix every weekend. We often have tea and other snacks, and the whole atmosphere is fairly relaxed. It’s always nice to kick back after a long week of frantically running from class to class. Also, acquiring movies in this day and age has never been so easy. University libraries often have a vast selection of movies available for rent, and Netflix is another cheap alternative if you can’t find what you want at the library.

Host your very own video game tournament!

Another weekend tradition my group of friends has is to pull out a Gamecube or Wii console and play one of the well-known Super Smash Bros. games. Even if I did not know someone with a console, there is always someone willing to lend theirs if they can play as well. Plus, if you do not own a television at college there are usually others available somewhere in the dorm. For instance, mine has a main lounge with a television available for anyone to use as they see fit. If fighting games do not suit your fancy, then why not try a simpler game like Mario Party? Yet another fun option is Wario Ware which consists of several odd mini games that is perfect for any group of bored college students.

Partake in the growing college fad: Cards Against Humanity.

Heard of Apples to Apples? Well, meet its rough and vulgar older brother. This inexpensive and hilarious twist on the cutesy card game takes it to a whole new level with crass and odd jokes. Many an inside joke has generated in my collection of friends thanks to this oddity of a party game. With the amount of content available for cards online, games usually stretch out for several hours. Trust me, you won’t even notice the time speeding by because you’ll be laughing way too hard to even check. If you plan to get a deck, you had better act fast. With the increasing popularity of this game, they are selling out quickly. In the mean time, go out and buy a copy of Apples to Apples. Although it is probably not as vulgar for our tastes, you can never beat the original.

Nights spend in are definitely what you make them.

If you are one of those people who absolutely has to go out because staying inside is too “boring,” then by all means, go ahead. Still, there are always alternative options to wandering in the night. They are not just limited to the list I have given you. Always be on the look out for activities in your residence hall or around it. Never feel pressured to go out when you do not want to. Overall, have fun in college. Make use of the best four years of your life the way you want to!

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Tori Stukins

Tori Stukins

Tori Stukins is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Theatre. On campus, Tori can often be found working on various projects for Her Campus Illinois, acting in a production or reading. While at home, she enjoys working at her family’s restaurant or exploring with her friends.