College Students and Stress: 3 Ways to Minimize Stress in College

College is a time made up of accomplishments and memories that will last a lifetime. It is the period in your life when you meet the people who will stand beside you on your wedding day and when you figure out what you want to do with your future. But make no mistake about it, the words college students and stress go hand in hand.

Many people say that your college years are the best four years of your life. There is no lie to this statement, but there will be many days of stress that accompany this period of your life.

The time you spend at college is a lot more than taking classes, doing homework and passing exams. These are crucial parts in getting a degree of course, but there are countless other things that go into this chapter of your life that can impact college students and stress is one of them. In order to help you prepare and manage the stress that college brings throughout your first year of school, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you.

Since everyone has a different college experience, I interviewed Amanda Johnson who currently goes to community college and is looking towards transferring in order to gain insight on a college path different than mine.

  • Find a Balance

You have to have a balance to everything in life, college included. If you are too busy you will be stressed and if you aren’t involved in enough you will be bored. So if you find yourself becoming one of those super busy college students and stress starts to creep in, reevaluate if you are taking on too much at one time.

This summer, I decided to take on two classes before I considered how it would fit it with my other obligations. These classes in addition to traveling and internships ended up taking up a lot of my free time.

Amanda, who commutes to community college from her house each day also has to balance a job. She stated, “At the beginning of the year I wasn’t sure how I was going to juggle commuting to school, working a job and everything in between.” She went on to say that sometimes you have to turn down the opportunity to work overtime or miss out on your class extra credit session if time is just running short.

  • Plan Ahead

Put the words, ‘buy a planner’ on your to-do list before heading to college. Thinking back to my first semester, I remember being worried that there wasn’t going to be enough to do, but I quickly realized how fast time slips away from you when you have to juggle classes with other various, clubs, activities and sporting eventing. Having a planner helped me avoid cramming too much in one day.

Amanda agreed with the fact that you have to plan ahead in order to make a busy schedule work. She said “It does get overwhelming sometimes if I take on more hours in a week than I know I can handle. Before you commit to something you really have to think about how it will work into your schedule when the time comes.”

  • Ask for Help

College is a time when you transition from life as a kid to being an adult in the real world. That being said, there is always someone you can turn to if you are too overwhelmed and need help.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor within their college to help guide them in what classes and career path to take. They are always there to lend an ear if you are having a problem or need advice on something.

First year students normally live in the residence halls, and I know my resident advisor was very helpful at different points of the year, making sure that everything was going okay whether it be academically or socially.

Everyone gets stressed once in while at college, and that is normal. As mentioned earlier, college students and stress are two words that go hand in hand, so it is important to try to balance everything the best you can and use your advisors as resources because that is what they are here for!

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Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying journalism. She is involved with the student newspaper, new student programing, and greek life on campus. She has a passion for travel, loves animals, and is always up for an adventure. Shannon also enjoys movies, music and fashion.