College Survival Guide

Going off to college brings many amazing opportunities and great times.  It also brings many stressful times and will put you in situations you’ve never been in.  I have compiled a list of tips to help you survive that transition from high school into college.

Get out of your comfort zone

You may be attending a school where many people from your high school have also decided to go or you may not know anyone.  Either way, it is so important to meet as many different people as possible.  While your roommate might be or might become your best friend, he or she does not have to be your only friend.

Avoid early classes

You may think that 8 a.m. sounds like a great time to start class, especially compared to high school.  Let me tell you that waking up only gets harder when your friends are always around you and you usually stay up later.  If you are not a morning person, the later the class you can sign up for the better.  This will ensure you miss as few classes as possible.

Take harder classes in the fall

For some reason, most students are more motivated in the fall.  Get the harder classes out of the way so you aren’t worried about slacking off come spring.

Learn to budget your time.  Fast.

You will quickly learn that you have a lot more free time at first when you get to college.  Instead of being in class about 8 hours a day and then worrying about after school activities, you have class for a few hours a day and then have all night to do homework.  Often, students will not even have classes on Friday.  Learn to budget your time and make studying a priority because remember, that is what you are there for.

Get involved

Getting involved is one of the best ways to make friends, meet people and network.  You can get advice from older students, connect with teachers and get tips for internships.  Every school has a lot of ways to get involved so you are sure to find something that you would like to do.

Find a study area you like right away

Most likely, your dorm room will not be an ideal place to study and will have a lot of distractions.  Find a place on campus where you are comfortable and enjoy studying and go there often.  Avoiding distractions and just getting it done will save you a lot of time and energy.

Make friends in classes

Having a friend in a class truly helps you do better.  This way, if you miss a class or just miss something important that was mentioned in class, you have someone you can ask.

There really is no guide you can follow when transitioning to college.  All you can do is take the advice that people give you and use it to get the best out of your time in college.  You will figure out what works for you and what doesn’t on your own.  Finally, remember to enjoy yourself, college is fun!

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Laura Szatkowski

Laura Szatkowski

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