College Sweethearts: Dating in University

Dating in university a lot different than those made in high school. For example, you can hang out with friends on your own time. There’s no need to ask or check in with your parents when you want to attend a social event. You also may not see these friends everyday. University campuses are much larger than high school ones, so typical meeting spots after class are not common in college. Student schedules are individually different as well.

Intimate relationships are also different at this stage. You have the freedom to meet and hang out with who you want, when you want, and no one can tell you how to feel about the other person. You make your own decisions, good or bad, when it comes to forming close relationships with a significant other.

Because you can see this person whenever you want during the day (and night), this bond feels a lot stronger than any that was made in high school. You get to know him/her a lot faster because of the amount of time you spend together. You discover that you have almost everything in common with this person. They make you feel happy, and that life would not be the same without them. You ask yourself: Could this get any better? Could we be college sweethearts?

You soon realize you are falling in love.

Every moment you spend with your college sweetheart is perfect. You are able to laugh, cry, stress, freak out, yell, and just be yourself when you are together. You now have a solid outlet to relive your stress and anxiety from classes and other dramatic relationships, and you know you always have someone to support you. Someone is now always on your side.

Never have you been so absorbed in the present moment, without a single care in the world. Not to mention, his/her family and friends love you because they know you both are happy. Life could not be anymore perfect.

As great as it seems now, unfortunately, what goes up must come down (sometimes).

Classes, extracurricular activities and internships are stressful. That is an inevitable feature of college. Sometimes, your new safety net that you have found in your partner becomes an undeserving victim of your stress levels.

As graduation and real life creeps closer and closer, relationships take a back seat to studying for exams and career choices. Priorities become blurred. What seemed to be so perfectly clear coming into college life is now confusing. Of course you still love the person you have been with for most of your college career, but why are all the doubts and uncertainties clouding your once luminous mind?

Suddenly, more and more fighting occurs. The relationship you knew before is not the same. Feelings have changed, and the people involved have changed. Now you ask yourself: am I really happy? If not, would I be happy without him/her? Are we really college sweethearts? You may confide in friends and family to help you through this dismal situation, and you find out that not only do they have your back, but you have the knowledge and certainty that even if you end the relationship, you will NEVER be alone.

You have not lost the love you feel for that person by any means, but you have fallen out of love. And you are far enough to know that life will be fine without them.

I am here to tell you that if this happens to you…IT’S OKAY. And it will forever be okay. College is a time for new discoveries, taking risks, and especially failing. You may fail many times before you succeed. This particularly true when it comes to forming relationships. You are never alone in these situations. As long as you stay focused on what is important to you (courses, sports, jobs, etc.), you will be happy. Life always goes on.

So go ahead. Dating in university is okay. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Then fall in love again. There is no better time than the years you have in college.

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Megan Heneghan

Megan Heneghan

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